Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Computer Problems 1.0

I have some fun pictures to post from our evening at Phoenix Theatre watching Les Miserables. It was amazing! However, my computer has decided to crash and will be sent in for repairs...again. It freezes on boot-up and won't even turn on! Unfortunately, all of my pictures are on it, so I hope they can fix it. Though it is out of warranty, for some reason they offered to repair it free of cost. The customer service has been great, but I have needed too much of it. Probably won't buy an HP again, especially if my computer-nerd husband has anything to say about that! It may be a few weeks before pictures start popping up again, but I will post anything exciting in the meantime.

I can't begin to express how wonderful it has been to have a few weeks at home. Sheesh, I feel like a WIFE! I am still on call 24/7, and I know we are flying to Canada next week. But it has been lovely pulling weeds and deep-cleaning my house every day! I don't have to take a picture of John so I remember what he looks like...because I have seen him EVERY day! Making him lunch and dinner and getting to buy groceries has made me feel domesticated and settled down. It has been a treat, and I am spoiled rotten.
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