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Store Crashing – World Market Home Edition


By now you’ve probably guessed that I am a fan of window shopping. I love wandering stores for no apparent reason then leaving completely empty-handed. It sounds silly…who would love not buying something? Perhaps I glean some personal satisfaction in seeing wonderful things but having the self-control to not purchase them for myself?

In any event, I wandered around World Market last week with the intention of showing you around. And I didn’t buy a single thing. Yippee!


First off, you have an incredible selection of art for any décor. And they are fairly reasonably-priced, too. I’ve seen versions on this wall of much more expensive pieces. However, since a lot of these hover around $80-$100, I still don’t buy much art here. I’d prefer to make my own and save more money!

Next we have a soap bar in the personal care section. In an embarrassing admission, I hate bar soap. I hate how it leaves a film behind in the shower (because Hubby insists on being Zestfully clean), and I can’t stand how it makes my skin feel afterwards. For some reason, bar soap makes me feel like I didn’t get any dirt off my hands but managed to add some gross film on top of everything.

Maybe I’m alone out there in my soap bar sentiments. I’m a loofa-body-wash-type of gal. Film-free, that’s me!


Random rantings-about-soap-for-no-reason aside, I love how pretty World Market’s soap selection can be. And standing in this general area smells really good, too.


These were yummy. Can you imagine how great spearmint and rosemary would be in a soap? So fresh! I also liked the packaging here, too. It’s a good thing that I don’t buy soap, if at all possible.

This is an area of the store for which World Market is famous. Lots of furniture revampers come here to find cute knobs and handles and pulls for repurposed furniture found in dumpsters. It’s amazing how a little fairly-affordable bling can really make a piece shine!

They have a nice eclectic selection of knobs here. I like to look but have yet to buy. Rude!


I love little things, as you found out when we crashed Target last week. And these bowls just made my heart go pitter-pat. I love the size and shape, but the crazy colors I think would wear me out eventually. And the fact that they go together but don’t completely match each other might be more work than it’s worth.

So I put them back down. But they’re cute, huh?

Shower curtains galore in this place! They have nice window curtains, too, but for some reason I didn’t take a picture to prove that. The curtains from our living room came from this exact store, so I can vouch for their curtain quality and selection.


I love these chairs but think they are just a little too fanshy for my house. We like clean, mid-century lines here, and these two chairs are rather ornate. But I liked them. I even liked the bright fabrics, too.

In between the chairs, however, was this beautiful table on sale for 50% off. I think $99 is still a little much to pay for tiny tables, regardless of how cool they are. This would be a great side table in a reading nook or even outside on a patio!


Have I mentioned that World Market has pillows? Well, they do. In fact, I’m sure that they give the pillow purchasers free reign and half the budget when it comes to bringing in beautiful fabrics from all over the world. I love these happy, fun colors for a happy, fun living room. I am on the hunt for new couch pillows but didn’t want to spend any money today.


They also have rugs in this fine establishment. I’m very particular when it comes to rugs and think that they should be something that bare feet would crave. These itchy sisal rugs, though rugged and very in-style right now, would be too painful to keep around my digs.

My feet deserve better than rough, I guess is what I’m saying.


I loved this wooden drafting desk for an office. I had a cool drafting desk in high school because I liked to draw and work on large projects. Mine wasn’t wooden or fancy-pants like this one, but I doubt we paid $279 for it, either!


I am also still on the hunt for some lighting in the corner of our living room. I am leaning towards a giant chandelier that I can modernize with a fun, bright color and maybe some cool-looking light bulbs. I haven’t found anything close to what I have in mind, so I will continue admiring other lighting solutions until mine presents itself.

These tin cutout lamps were pretty nifty, in my opinion.


Even this trio of burlap lights would be cool in my corner. I love the added texture and the soft glow. And I’m pretty sure that this awesome price of $59 is for all three lights! What a great deal! I guess this can be my fall-back option if the chandelier idea falls through.

This would be a simple solution for that living room corner, but I am really hoping for a ceiling light to drop down. However, a giant arc lamp with a giant shade would also work well, since we wouldn’t have to drill into the ceiling to wire for a hanging light.

And where would I put my Christmas tree if I hung a chandelier in that corner?! At least this lamp is portable and can be moved when move-important items, like lit fake Christmas trees, need a home for a month.


I actually love the giant yellow shade, but they have other options as well. Don’t let color chase you away from these lamps! By the way, all of their lighting is 20% off right, so find a store if you’re looking for a sweet deal!


I loved these cool wire mesh storage carts for an office, but I also think that they would add some pretty nifty dimension to a pantry. Wouldn’t this be a cool way to store potatoes and fruits and veggies? It’s a good thing that I am only now realizing it and not while I’m at the store.


I got all excited when I saw the starting price point for these awesome baskets. Talk about an easy way to add lots of texture and interest to a room!

We could put this by the fireplace and fill it will logs that will never be used. Or we could put it in the living room and fill it with comfy throws and a toss pillow for added warmth in the winter. Or, again, it could add some pretty nature in a pantry to store bags of chips!

I just love baskets like these and am surprised that I don’t have one. Or nine. The small one was only $4.99 while the bigger one was $24.99. I love them both.


Speaking of things that I love, this pillow caught my eye. I love the embroidery and the soft colors. It has lots of color but in a muted tone, which adds to a toned-down look. I think, anyway. But what do I know?!


World Market has a section in the back with hard-to-find exotic foods and treats. Each one of these little bins is filled with a wonder from another part of the world. It’s fun to look at things, but I don’t think I would ever dare purchase a block of pepper jack cheese that was shelf-stable!


Well, hello little owl! I thought this little timer was a cute way to be reminded of cooking times. Luckily, I hate unnecessary items on my countertop and simply use the microwave for my baking timer. But this little guy was pretty fun, for an owl timer.

World Market always has a wonderful selection of vases and displays for flowers. This selection often rotates, so it feels like there is always something new to find. Talk about an easy and colorful way to accessorize a room!

Speaking of perfect, I love their fake flower selection. They look real but don’t require water to survive. So they might actually last in my house, is what I’m trying to say. I think any single one of these flowers here would look wonderful bunched up in a pretty vase!


These were my only temptation in the store today…something that I almost took home. I love these blue plastic footed glasses for outside entertaining. I don’t like paying full-price for anything if I can help it, so maybe I will check back in a month when these will all be on clearance.

I don’t know that I need these to survive, but they could be a pretty addition to our patio table at night!


The only thing that I use mugs for is hot chocolate, and I certainly don’t want any of the hot-drink bidness this time of year! And if I didn’t already have my twelve mugs in white-that-goes-with-everything color, then I would snatch up a few of these pretty yellow butterfly mugs from which to sip my hot chocolate.

In seven months when it starts cooling down.


Oddly enough, we can vouch for their furniture quality as well. We bought our dining chairs here almost two years ago, and they literally still look brand-new despite lots of love and abuse from us.

World Market always has an awesome selection of tables and chairs. We bought our table next door at Pier One because it was a huge size without the bother of a leaf. But World Market is a great place to find dining furniture for a nice price.


These should look familiar to you, since we have six of the Sophia Leather Chairs in brown around our dining table. They are soft and easy to clean and look so nice! I am really happy with our purchase, and even happier that I got them for around $80 a piece with sales and coupons.

Just for the record, I wanted the green ones to the right. I got out-voted from that decision, even by people who don’t live in my house! But I would still love to have the green ones instead. I will just have to find other ways to add color to my kitchen and dining room.

Fraidy-cats of color.


I don’t know if you know this, either, but I dream of updating our laminate countertops someday. And, when that blessed day takes place, I would like to add an overhang to create some stool seating on the opposite side of my prep space.

Wouldn't these industrial stools look cool there? We go for comfort in addition to looks, so maybe these wouldn’t be comfortable enough to fit the bill. But I sure love how they look!

So there you have it! A house tour of the wonders at World Market, one of my favorite window-shopping stores. Tomorrow, I will show you some fun things for the 4th of July from the same store, so make sure you grab some popcorn and tune in then!

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  1. This is one of my most favorite stores. This is also the only store that my husband will go to with me. I think it's the food that draws him in:)


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