Friday, December 26, 2008

Tour of Our Home

John and I live in an apartment downstairs of his Aunt Ann and Uncle Bill, who are the temple presidents in Manhattan. We are housesitting for them while they are in New York. To pay our rent, we are in charge of keeping everything looking nice. Here are some pictures of our beautiful home!

Christmas at the Weir's

What a wonderful day! We tried to sleep out by the tree, but the floor was just too hard. It is fun trying to establish OUR traditions, mixing two family traditions into our own. On Christmas Eve, we read from Luke, Chapter 2 about our Savior's birth. Then we listened to some Christmas music as we admired our tree. It does look pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. On Christmas Day, we were awake around 7:00 AM. It was fun to take it slow all morning and open presents without being rushed. No kids around to wake us up at 3:30, either! We made piles and opened presents alternately. John got me a beautiful jewelry case, a few DVDs that I have been wanting (It's a Wonderful Life, and The Unsinkable Molly Brown), and an external hardrive that is tiny and portable so I can take anything on the road with me without having to drag two laptops. I can plug this thing into my work laptop and carry all of my personal files. It is awesome! I will never fill 320 GB! I would have to say my favorite present from John was the free one...all the lyrics to Coldplay's songs! They are my favorite band, and John even took me to their concert a month ago. I always sing along to the songs but don't always know what I am saying. I mentioned how nice it would be to have all the words in a little book that I could refer to, and John did the rest! He spent several hours in secret compiling the songs into a mini-binder for me! He even found some songs I didn't know existed! He was so excited to give it to me and only disappointed because he was sure that present would make me cry! He is so thoughtful. John also had a great Christmas, receiving a new Tumi wallet, some cologne, new church slacks, a few ties, one of his favorite DVDs (The Burbs), and his big present was a new drill! He always looks at them when we are in stores, so now he has one! We even built a speaker box with it last night, so we know it works! For breakfast we had crumb cake and milk. Then I popped a peach cobbler in the oven for dessert at Christmas Dinner.

We went to Andy and Barb's house around 12:30 after John helped his aunt and uncle work on some yard projects (I couldn't leave the oven!). Barb is John's cousin and lives just through our backyard. We had an incredible meal of turkey, ham, smashed potatoes, salads, Martinelli's, an appetizer name it! It was so delicious and not even remotely healthy. We spent the day there, working on projects, chatting with family, and playing with their three kids. Later that evening, we actually went back for more for dinner! John and I were home alone by 7:30 and watched a few episodes of Season 1 of "24." He is getting me hooked on his favorite television show!

It was a perfect day and wonderful to be with John constantly. We are so blessed in so many ways. We had a wonderful Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Lights Date with my Sweety

Last Wednesday, I made an awesome dinner of Tin-Can Soup (thanks, Mom!) and homemade rolls. So I told John he was in charge of entertainment for the evening. He went online and found a block of houses that decorates like there is no tomorrow. On the way, he stopped and got us some yummy hot chocolate because, yes, 50 degrees IS cold! He kept it a secret of where we were going until we pulled up. WOW! These neighbors are all die-hards! We talked to some of them, and they said they "interview" future residents of their block to decide if they are worthy to participate in the decorating, and therefore worthy to live there! It was a fun half hour walking around looking at Christmas lights. It is by far the best holiday, and I am excited to spend this year with my new husband!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas and Mission Farewell in Snowflake

John and I spent our weekend in Snowflake, Arizona to celebrate his sister, Maryann, departing in a few weeks for her mission to Charlotte, North Carolina. We headed north after our Ward Christmas Breakfast of pancakes, eggs, sausage, and orange juice. The three-hour drive was beautiful but delayed just before Heber because of the high winds. An RV trailer had been caught in a gust and had its axle crushed, leaving the bottom and side of the RV pretty battered. Of course, it happened on both lanes of traffic, so everyone was at a stand-still for about half an hour. Luckily, no one was hurt. And it may have only happened because I had to go to the bathroom! We made it to Snowflake by 1:00 PM and were able to spend the afternoon with John's family. His sister, Jolene, had come with her husband, Ji, and son, Deven, all the way from Albuquerque. Matthew and Heather came with baby Kathryn from Mesa, but they arrived later that evening after a blizzard started to hit at the rim near Lake in the Woods. Brian and Julie live next door, and they also arrived from the valley that evening after sliding around on some slick roads. Their three kids, Chelsea, Dallin, and Nathan didn't seem to mind the roller coaster!Saturday night, we had a yummy casserole and played games. We did an early Christmas since John has to work during the holidays and we will not be able to head north.

Sunday morning, after a hot shower, we ate breakfast at Brian's house. Church started at 11:00 AM, and Maryann did a great talk on faith, humility, and missionary work. She will do a lot of good out in the mission field, no doubt! She leaves for the MTC on Wednesday, December 31st from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. She is excited and calm all at once.

John and I left Snowflake around 2:00 PM to try to beat the darkness on slick roads. Luckily, the roads were mostly dry and the ride home was uneventful. I could sit next to that man for hours and not get bored! He is wonderful! We had a nice, quiet evening home alone, just the way I like it! It was a great weekend in Snowflake, and even more fun for an early Christmas. I can hardly wait for Santa to get here!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Entertainment Center Surprise!

John hates when I blog about him because he thinks it makes him look not as tough when people find out how incredibly romantic he is! We found an entertainment center (tv stand and two audio towers) that we loved at Target. A wonderful friend of ours (you know who you are) gave it to us for an early Christmas present! When I got home from work last week, John surprised me once again! He had spent seven hours assembling the stand and one of the towers (Japanese instructions aren't as easy to decipher as everyone thinks). Our Christmas tree is using the space where the other tower will go in a month. He then decorated it with a big bow and ribbon, in case I didn't know who it was for! He is always so thoughtful. And thank goodness for great friends! It was fun to walk through the door and find that waiting.

Decorating the Christmas Tree 2008

I could get used to the idea that I get to share this Christmas with my wonderful new husband. When I was in Chicago for work, I found a beautiful Christmas tree at Costco. When I checked here in Phoenix, it was $100 cheaper! I casually mentioned this to John. The following Monday evening when I was back on the road, I got a text message with a picture of the tree I like! It was so pretty. However, upon closer examination, I realized it was in our living room! He had purchased it and set it up as a surprise to me!
When I got home that following weekend, we bought decorations (you can't really have a tree up and not decorate it). We were a little early (November 18, to be exact), but who can wait when something so wonderful is just waiting to be adorned with shatter-proof Christmas ornaments and red garland? Top it all off with a lit star, and we are in business. It took two nights to decorate because of all the ribbons we had to tie for the balls. I think the outcome is well worth the effort! I could get used to this married thing. I like it.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Seven Brides Surprise

I got home from work a day early this week, which allowed John to plan a surprise date on Friday evening. He told me we would be leaving around 7:00 PM, but didn't tell me what he had in mind. I love surprises, and I know he has great taste (married me, etc.), so I knew I was in for a treat. He printed tickets but wouldn't let me see what they were for. After he taught me how to play chess (I hate it right now because I am not good...hopefully practice will change that), we hopped in the car and headed south on Gilbert Road. I got excited because that is the direction of Hale Center Theatre, which we have attended before and seen good shows. When we drove past that, I was still excited but definitely baffled as to where we were going! John pulled into a middle school parking lot and walked me to the door of the auditorium. Only when I saw the program did I know what he had done! He had take me to my favorite musical, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers! What a treat! And I saw his leg bouncing along with the music and dancing every once in a while, so maybe he enjoyed himself, too. The Gilbert Fine Arts Association did a great production, and the dancing scene in town was incredible! I hated to see it end. John then took me for a burger at In and Out, which is always yummy. He is incredibly thoughtful and is always finding ways to make me smile!

Honeymoon in Mexico

We took a 5-night, 6-day cruise from New Orleans to the Gulf of Mexico for our honeymoon! Neither of us had been on one before, and what better way to travel during our first week as husband and wife. It was freezing as we walked to the ship port from our hotel in the French Quarter of New Orleans. A line was already forming to get onto the ship, even though we showed up two hours before boarding time. We stood in line for an hour to clear through security, all the while being congratulated that we each only brought one small suitcase for the entire week! Some couples had eight bags between them! We got on the boat and found our cabin. Then we explored the ship and froze on the deck waiting for departure. Tuesday was our day at sea, but it was still chilly outside until that evening when we were closer to Mexico. We spent Wednesday exploring ancient Mayan ruins in Dzibilchaltun near Progresso, Yucatan. It was neat to be so close to history. Thursday was our snorkeling day in Cozumel. The water was beautiful, but it was very windy and that made for some tall waves. Being in a tiny boat for three separate snorkel stops, I got bounced around pretty well. During our last dip in the water, I shared some breakfast with the fishies and felt better! Friday was our day at sea heading back to port. Saturday morning, we left the boat at 7:30 AM and walked to Cafe Du Monde in the French Quarter so John could try some beignets. Very yummy! I have been to New Orleans several times for work, but it is never clean. We caught a cab to the airport and arrived four hours early for our flight. After trying to nap on the benches, we talked and read books until our flight boarded. My sister, T'liese, and her husband, Joe, picked us up at the airport and took us to their house, which is where we left our car. Upon arrival at home, we took a nap. I slept for four hours, and when I woke up, my husband was finishing the third load of laundry! Yes, he IS a dream come true. It was a nice trip, but we were glad to be home. And who says the honeymoon has to end after the honeymoon!? It was such a treat to be with John for a whole week! I never get sick of that boy!

Wedding Day Open House

The evening was perfect! We had our Open House in the backyard of Alan and Kathy Swensen, some dear friends of ours. I had great help from Stephanie, Laurie, Cassie, Kathy, T'liese, and Megan (and all of their spouses!) to decorate and arrange food. The Open House couldn't have been better! We had a great time greeting friends from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. The chocolate fountain was a success, and I managed to keep it all away from the white dress! It was the perfect evening to end a perfect day. I married an incredible man, and I am one lucky lady.

Wedding Day Wonder!

Our Wedding Day was on Saturday, October 25, 2008. I was so anxious for it to get here, and it finally did! The day was a dream, and we had a wonderful time. John and I were sealed together for All Time and Eternity in the Mesa Arizona LDS Temple. We were surrounded by friends and family to celebrate our weekend. A few days before the wedding, we spent a few hours at the temple with our photographer, Lee Grant. This is what came out of that session! The last few photos were of our actual wedding day when we emerged from the temple as husband and wife!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wedding and Honeymoon!

My camera broke and is off for repairs. I can't download any photos until I get it back. Let it be known that we had an awesome Wedding Day and a great honeymoon. Pictures will come as quickly as I can!

I love John Weir!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Arizona State Fair - October 18, 2008

A wonderful night at the Fair with my honey. John and I attended the Arizona State Fair this past Saturday on October 18th. Only one week until we will be husband and wife! Sheesh! We drove to the Fair in downtown Phoenix and utilized the free Park 'N Ride to the park entrance. It was very busy and there was lots to look at! I would have been happy to do some people-watching, as there are always interesting folks at events like this. We had a great time!

We tried some fried treats like Deep-Fried Snickers and Oreos. I recommend sticking with the originals. I had some corn on the cob. Later we had some corn dogs and strawberry lemonade, then we headed to the free Weezer concert in the Pavillion at the Fair. We were able to survive four songs then left before falling asleep. We hopped back on the bus and drove home, arriving by about 10:00 PM. It was a fun evening with my man!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Micah's Bridal Shower

Talk about being spoiled! My sister, T'liese, and Sister-In-Law, Megan, hosted a Bridal Shower for me this past weekend at Megan's parent's house. My younger brother (Megan's husband), Jeff, had helped decorate the front room for the party, though the house is gorgeous as it is and certainly doesn't need any dressing up! The entire day was so much fun! Megan made an incredible lime chicken vegetable soup, and T'liese made tea sandwiches made with sliced cucumbers and fresh basil leaves. We also had a lovely veggie tray with dip, and a yummy juice to wash it all down. Dessert was caramel apples with M&Ms and almond slices! It was a very delicious meal (and healthy!).

After everyone showed up, we played games and chit-chatted like women do best. I rather enjoyed just being able to talk about my man and what we have planned for our future together. Then we were able to open presents and munch on caramel apples before everyone started to trickle out.

Stephanie, Laurie, T'liese, Megan, and Cassie stuck around for a wedding planning meeting, and they are life-savers! I had food and decorations for the wedding planned, but I wasn't happy with it. I solicited help and received more than I could have imagined. We planned for three hours and figured out what needed to be done to make our upcoming wedding day absolutely perfect! I am so blessed to have such great friends and family, and I am very much looking forward to their hard work coming to fruition in 11 days (nope, I am not counting). Ladies, thank you. You are wonderful to help and take all the worry off my shoulders so I can simply enjoy the day!

Bridal Shower guests included T'liese, Megan, Stephanie, Laurie, Cassie, Jen, Barbara, and Sister Cashen. Several others offered wonderful presents even though they were unable to BE present. I am so blessed. THANK YOU!

Those who weren't able to attend will be saddened to know my rare but entertaining Irish Jig made an appearance during the Bridal Shower. That just may be a small insightful window into how great the day was!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


It is such a beautiful time of year to be in the Northeast. Yes, I am a baby about the cold (below freezing each night), but the daytime sees temperatures in the 60s. We are exploring this part of the world all week, and today was a short hop from New Haven, Connecticut (first time landing there) to Providence, Rhode Island. We are here through tomorrow, when we leave for Manchester, New Hampshire with seven passengers. The leaves are changing colors, and fall is in the air! It has been yet another wonderful week.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Flowers from Romantic John

John received several invitations from people to carpool to the Priesthood Session of General Conference this past Saturday. I should have known something was up when he turned down ice cream with his Uncle! He did it so he could bring me a beautiful bouquet of flowers on his way home! It was kind of cute...I was at John's house making dinner while he was gone, and he stuck his head in the door instead of walking in. I gave him a big old hug before realizing what he had in his hand. I assumed they were for me...WOW! He is always so thoughtful and considerate. I love flowers, and I love being thought of! I will be his wife in just 18 days!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

25 Days to Wedding Time!

I am just so excited to be John Weir's wife! We are talking just over three weeks, and I can hardly wait! He is such an incredible man. I am only able to spend a few days a week with him when I am home for the weekend, but I am able to feel closer to him after each and every time we are together. I just get all mushy when I think about it. He treats me so well. It seems his every concern is about me, and he is always striving to make me happy. I just get all weak in the knees thinking about becoming his wife. I want to be good to him and grow with him. In case it wasn't obvious, I really like him! I know we are going to be very happy together because we look out for each other. He is one lucky man, and I feel I am just as lucky!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Date Night

Since our time together is so short on the weekends, my man always tries to make the time special. This past weekend was no different, since he reserved us tickets at Theater 168 to watch the clean improv group, Jesterz. Before heading there, he surprised me by taking me to Cafe Rio (one of my favorite places but not one of his). As we were walking up to the entrance of the restaurant, I commented about how I always feel surrounded by LDS people in Cafe Rio. As we walked through the door, I saw my good friend Cassie Herbst and her husband, Joseph! What a treat! Last August, Cassie went to Cancun with me and my sister, T'liese. We are all now either engaged or married! We were able to eat with Cassie and Joseph and have a blast recalling all the good ol' days. They were headed to watch a show at Hale Center Theater, one of our date locations as well. After we finished eating, we picked up friends of John from basketball, an awesome couple. Adam and Leticia have two small boys at home, but they were left with the babysitter for the evening. We drove up to Scottsdale to the theater ( in the Papago Plaza Mall. The place was packed, and we enjoyed 90 minutes of wonderful comedy from five clean improv professionals. It was hilarious! After the show, we drove to a place in downtown Scottsdale called The Sugar Bowl, per Adam's recommendation. It was yummy and the conversation was great! We dropped them off at their house and were home by 11:00. What a fun night!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Diamondbacks 101

This is what it looks like to sit so close to the players, you can hear them breathe! Thanks to the tickets from my brother and sister-in-law, John and I were able to attend the Diamondsbacks verus Mariners game on August 22. I think we were getting buttered up to help them move the next day, but who are we to complain! The seats were awesome, the company was wonderful, and I got to sit by my sweetie for three hours. Yippeee!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Family Vacation in Sedona!

What a wonderful week of family bliss! John and I were able to spend five days with my family in a gorgeous cabin up Oak Creek Canyon near Sedona, Arizona. We met up with them on Friday night after we got done with work. The rest of the family had arrived the day before. Megan, my sister-in-law, was gracious enough to offer HER family cabin for our family's enjoyment, and we utilized it to the fullest! The place is incredible, having its own guest house and a separate workout room. It has river-front access, a hot tub, a huge kitchen, and enough bedrooms and bathrooms to accomodate all thirteen of us! We had a wonderful time, playing ping pong, watching the Olympics, catching up on each others lives, and, most importantly, eating way too much food. Everyone was worried we wouldn't have enough to go around, which just resulted in enough food to feed a small nation for a month. That's how we like it! It was a great week with great people, and John got to meet my parents and oldest sister for the first time. No worries, since they already loved him before they met him! How could they not?!

It was a real treat being able to spend a whole week with my man and not having to worry about leaving for work. The nice thing is I never got sick of him, and I just want to be with him even more. I think the rest of our lives together won't be long enough, so I am glad we are doing eternity, too! Golly, I love that man!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Oshkosh 2008

What a terrific week! I was Captain of the Beechjet during the EAA Airventure Airshow in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. It is the largest airshow in North America and the second-largest airshow in the world! Thousands and thousands of people in their airplanes come to Oshkosh for a week of aerobatic demonstrations, unveilings of new airplanes, and just to meet and mingle with pilots from all over the world. We left Sunday from Phoenix and stopped in Salina, Kansas for fuel. My passengers wanted to fly over the Oshkosh airfield, but we had to wait until after the tower and airport closed at 8:00 PM to do that. The airport we were parking at, Fond Du Lac, was located about 14 miles to the south and closed at 8:30 PM! So my timing had to be perfect to get us there in that half-hour window. It all worked out and was a blast!

Celebrities who are aviation nuts were there, including Harrison Ford and John Travolta. We had very long days, heading to the show each morning at about 7:00 AM (5:00 AM my time) and not returning to the La Quinta until after midnight each evening because of the fly-in movie shown on a huge, five-story, inflatable screen. I spent most of the day walking around looking at airplanes. Those of you who know me know I was in complete heaven! I also took the opportunity to sit and watch people, which is a favorite past-time of mine.

We left Fond Du Lac around 3:00 PM on Friday afternoon after a breakfast at Eclipse Aviation to hear about their recent changes (we have an Eclipse flying in our fleet and a few more ordered). We landed in Salina for fuel yet again, then landed in Phoenix after going around some weather at about 5:00 PM. It was a wonderful week with perfect skies and temperatures for the airshow. I have several tans lines and was even called "my little Mexican" by John when I got home.

Speaking of getting home, I had been dreading it because I only had one day to move from Phoenix to Mesa and didn't know how I was going to get everything finished in time. When I walked into my apartment on Friday evening, I discovered that John had secretly been moving my things for me all week so I wouldn't be stressed! He was even really sick but still spent one night making trips back and forth with all the big stuff. All we had left to do on Saturday was move my bed and a few boxes. That just illuminates again what an incredible man I am marrying! I am so blessed to have him and sure love him.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend in Snowflake

We went north to spend the weekend in John's home town, Snowflake, Arizona. It was beautiful! We arrived at about 9:30 on Friday evening after getting new tires on John's car. The drive lasted less than three hours, so we made good time. They had a bed made up for me and an air mattress in the living room made up for John. John's brother and sister-in-law were also up visiting for the weekend from Mesa. Saturday morning, after a yummy breakfast of cold cereal with John's 90 year-old grandma, we went to the Snowflake Pioneer Days Parade, celebrating the arrival of the pioneers to settle the city over 150 years ago. The parade was cute and lasted almost an hour! Then it was BBQ time, heading to The Social Hall for some BBQ pork, cole slaw and beans and cold watermelon. Pretty yummy!

That afternoon, we went to the park to see all the craft booths and visit John's old high school. We then went to the Snowflake Temple to take some pictures. I try to get pictures of temples if I am close! Then we went back to John's parent's home for some fishing with Mick Weir, John's dad. When a thunderstorm hit, we packed up and walked the block back to the house. John and I played wiffleball against Matthew and Heather in the yard until the pizza arrived that evening. Instead of going to the rodeo and getting rained on, we sat around the house and visited and played cribbage.

Micah, John and Brian (John's brother who lives in Snowflake) rented a movie to watch later that evening on Brian's new projection theater. John then took me to watch the fireworks and proposed to me. I said YES! We watched a movie then crashed after a great day!

Sunday morning, John was up before everyone and was able to tell them all the good news. Everyone was excited and love the ring, including me! That John Weir has great taste! After letting Brian and Julie know the good news, we hit the road to head home in time for John's church meetings that afternoon. It was such a fun weekend! I never get to be spur-of-the-moment other than at work!


What a weekend! John asked me on Friday if I wanted to spend the weekend in his hometown, Snowflake, Arizona, to celebrate Pioneer Days with his family. We drove up that evening, about a three-hour drive of nothing but beauty! On Saturday, July 19th, after a day at the park and eating BBQ and playing baseball with siblings, John took me to see the fireworks show. He found the perfect place, only about half a block from the fireworks park and all alone on a picnic bench. It was the perfect view! After the fireworks stopped, John nudged me to stand up, and I thought we were leaving. But then he got down on one knee and proposed! He said he had been thinking about all kinds of one-liners that he could say, but none of them seemed to work. So he simply said, "Miss Micah Parkinson, will you marry me?" I was crying, of course, and I said, "Yes!" It was a long night not being able to sleep from excitement, and even now, three days later, I still feel like I am floating! I am the luckiest gal in the world to get such a great guy!

Eternity is going to be pretty great.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Thanks, Kristie!

5 Places I go over and over
Swift Aviation to get my Beechjet

Denver, Colorado
Chicago, Illinois
Teterboro, New Jersey (for NYC)
John's House

5 people who email me

Mom and Merrill
Banks for my School Loans

5 favorite places to eat
The Cheesecake Factory

Cafe Rio
Any Mexican Restaurant
Coldstone (though I don't because it is too stinkin' expensive)
Johnny Carino's Italian Grill

5 places I'd rather be right now
In John's arms

In an Airplane
At a Waterpark
At Magic Mountain
Sedona with Family

5 favorite TV shows
I still don't have TV!

I DO love HGTV though...

5 favorite Movies
(in addition to those listed on my blog)
Family Home Videos - Ranch Video
Swiss Family Robinson
Pride and Prejudice
Pillow Talk

5 people I tag

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tires and Adventures

I was driving home from church on Sunday, minding my own business and only going ten miles over the speed limit. I was trucking along at 75 miles per hour, getting ahead of all the traffic that was around me when I got on the 202 freeway. I usually drive with one hand on the wheel. All of a sudden, I felt the steering wheel start to shake a little bit. I put both hands on the wheel and just then, the left rear tire exploded! Oddly enough, there were no cars around me. I was able to slow down and pull off to the right shoulder without risking anyone hitting me. I was shaking but all right. I climbed out of the passenger door and came around the car to assess the damage. What was left of the tire was shredded, and it had taken out my foot rail and parts of the rear bumper, too, just to prove a point. I didn't have my cell phone on me. After standing by my car for a few minutes, a Honda Civic pulled up in front of me then backed up. At first I thought a bumper sticker on his car said, "Separation of Church and State." Luckily, I had just read it wrong, and I knew this when I saw an anti-Obama sticker next to it. He got out and was wearing an Army uniform...National Guardsman on his way to weekend duty. He had just finished taking his wife to church and lunch and was on his way back to command the soldiers. He pulled out my spare and continued in polite conversation the entire time he changed the tire for me! Just as he was finishing, a highway patrolman pulled up behind me. Because I was just in front of the airport exit, I would have to stay on the freeway for another few miles before taking an exit that would get me to a side road to take home. So he followed behind me to protect me, since the speed limit on the spare tire was only 55 MPH. I got off on 52nd Street/Van Buren and then took McDowell all the way home. John was there waiting for me, starting to worry but wondering if I had just gotten held up at church. His arms wrapped around me tight made everything better. What a good man.

Yesterday, John drove with me to take my car to Discount Tire, per Jeff's recommendation. I was able to get decent tires for a good price, and they are going to send my tire to the manufacturer to see if there was a defect. If something wrong is found, they will pay for my new tires and the damage to the car as well. I have tried so hard to keep that car looking nice, but with remote-controlled airplanes smacking the roof and tires blowing out like they were going out of style, that is proving harder to do! It is doing great, considering it has 214,778 miles on it and is a 2002 Ford Taurus! I am blessed to have such a great car. Thanks, Dad!

So, the moral of the story: all is well. I just had the tires checked three weeks ago during my oil change. Not quite sure what caused this explosion, but I didn't want to risk another by not replacing all the tires. That is what my savings account is for, right?! Thanks to everyone who shared in on the soap opera drama. It could have been a lot worse in many ways, but everything turned out ok! I am so blessed!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sedona Hiking Trip

You can't really beat a day outside with family and loved ones. I spent Saturday hiking with my family and my man near Sedona, Arizona. Jeff met John and Micah at my apartment, and T'liese and Joe picked us up there in the truck. Megan had to work and couldn't join us. We left Phoenix at 7:00 AM and arrived at the hiking parking lot by 8:45. It was a four-mile hike to the natural pool for swimming. We couldn't have asked for better weather as it was overcast and only about 85 degrees for both the hike in and out later that day. We spent the afternoon jumping off cliffs, eating yummy meals packed by Joe and T'liese, and enjoying the cool water.

We witnessed a kid who jumped off the high cliff and dislocated his shoulder. Luckily, there was a doctor there, and she popped it back into place. The water was cold and invigorating, to say the least, but it felt good after soaking up lots of Arizona sun. We carried lots of water and enjoyed a lunch of turkey wraps, fruit roll-ups, almonds, and Mike and Ikes candies. T'liese said she felt like our parents because they had packed our school lunches for us!

That evening, when we arrived back in town, we ate burgers at Dluxe then went next door and had dessert at The Gellato Spot. John and I got pretty badly burned by the sun, forgetting to reapply sunscreen before we hopped into the water. It was a wonderful day enjoying the beauty this state has to offer.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Candy Gram for Mongo

Mongo for Mongolian, that is. We went to a Mongolian restaurant in Flint, Michigan on Wednesday. It was my first time to the lovely town, and we celebrated with a fun place to eat! When I walked through the door, my head was looking down. As I looked up, I was surprised to see a huge blow-up Attila the Hun doll names Mongo. I had it all under control until HE MOVED! It completely freaked me out since I wasn't expecting him to be alive! So I got my camera from the car to have photo proof. Me and Creepy Mongo, as I like to refer to him now. We go way back.

Later that evening, we arrived very "early" for a Big Boss Week...8:30 PM. Joe asked if we wanted to go check out the waterfront, so we all piled into the FBO's PT Cruiser and headed to the water. We stopped everywhere that sounded yummy to us and ended up getting homemade ice cream and fresh clam chowder (corn chicken chowder for me, thank you very much). It was fun wandering around watching people and seeing the boats.  Our passengers are both a hoot, and it was fun seeing the town with temperatures above zero, like when we are normally there with Ron.

In addition to the beautiful boat docks, we also found old diving equipment and a portion of the original Berlin Wall. Portland, Maine is exaclty where I would put a portion of the Berlin Wall, so it made perfect sense to us! After flying from 7:00 AM that morning, I crawled into bed around 11:00 PM. Joe Weeks always mean long days and lots of flying, but it really can't get any better.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Canada is America's Hat

Hello from Canada! It was a surprise to end up here, but most things during Joe Weeks ARE a surprise! We went to Winnipeg and then on to Toronto late on the 24th. I didn't crawl into bed until 2:15 AM after flying four legs as Captain, from Milwaukee to Oshkosh to Winnipeg to Toronto. Oshkosh sure looks different without 1,000 airplanes on the field! We will be heading up there for the week of the Airventure in a month, and I am looking forward to it! This will be my fifth year at Oshkosh. It really is like no place on earth!

I am writing now from Flint, Michigan. This week has been my first international flights as Captain, so it has been fun learning how to do Customs and arrange Canadian flight plans. I learn something every day, which is one of the million things I love about my job.

John and I have started reading scriptures together every day, and so far, so good. It feels wonderful having goals set up together. And I love working together to make ourselves better. He is sweet. Sedona is going to be a blast when the rest of the family gets to meet him! They already love him, as do I.
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