Friday, June 11, 2010

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

To celebrate Heather starting a new chapter in her life (they are moving to Virginia for a new job), we had a night out on the town with the girls. Heather, Barbara, Amber, and I got together for a yummy dinner at Mimi's Cafe, which I have always wanted to visit. We didn't think about cameras until the food was long gone, but I assure you it was incredible! For most of the evening, the table was completely covered with food! Now that's my type of dinner!

We split some appetizers to start, sharing the Mimi's Trio (spinach cheese dip with toasted parmesan bread, fried chicken tenders with marinara sauce, and fried zucchini with ranch...yum). Barb and Amber went healthy and ordered a few types of hummus, which came with the world's hardest pita chips and some cucumbers for dipping. I tended to go more for the fried plate, for some unknown reason. Then our side salads arrived while waiting for the rest of our meal.

Amber and Barbara split a HUGE salad that looked amazing with balsamic chicken and fresh strawberries. I love restaurant salads and never know why they taste so much better than at home! I got some chicken and artichoke ravioli in a marinara sauce but didn't end up eating much of it. I wanted to save some for the man at home (his request), and I was full from all of the good food thus far! Heather had a shrimp pasta dish that looked amazing. We all had a great evening, conversing about girl things. I just smiled and nodded every time kid stories came up, since I don't have a ton of information to contribute to that conversation. Yet.

Thanks for a fun night out, gals. We should do it again!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Costco and Handsome Baby Boys I Like

In case it has previously gone unmentioned, I have one adorable nephew here in town. Actually, my nephew out of town is pretty cute, too, but he isn't young enough to let me nibble his toes any time I want. I am not sure I would want to nibble on the toes of a five year-old. But my local nephew? He has no say in the matter.

I got to see him and his mama today, meeting at Costco then heading to her house for lunch and nap time for Evan. Did I mention he just gets cuter every time I see him? His nap wasn't much of a success, as you can see from his red eyes. But after he ate a midday snack, he was carrying on quite the conversation with his mama. I guess he talks more when he is tired. It runs in the family.

T'liese made us Lettuce Chicken Wraps for lunch that were so good that I decided to make them for dinner tonight! Healthy and tasty? Impossible! Everything she cooks is wonderful. I get to experience more of her cooking this coming Saturday when they host a going-away party for some other family members. It will give me a chance to kiss on two babies at once. What more could an aunt want in life?!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Rocky Mountain High Calypso

A few weeks ago, my sister showed me a reminder card they had received in the mail about an upcoming Phoenix Symphony concert. This particular show was a tribute to John Denver and even had members of his original band playing songs with the symphony. I agreed to go with her, though I was a little skeptical about another singer trying to portray John Denver's songs.

Saturday evening arrived. I think it was my perfect "first symphony" experience since most people were wearing flannel and cowboy boots instead of the traditional tuxedos. We people-watched for a few minutes and both decided to work on our posture so we wouldn't look as stiff and bent-over as some we saw. We were certainly the youngest attendees of such an event!

We found our seats. The symphony tuned up then began its first rendition of a John Denver montage of his greatest hits. It was simply beautiful and gave me goosebumps. The symphony was led by guest conductor Lee Holdridge, who was the very same composer approached by John Denver decades ago to create symphony accompaniment to his songs. After a gorgeous ten-minute summary of John's songs by the symphony, the band came on stage. As soon as the first words were sung by Jim Curry, T'liese and I looked at each other and smiled. He sounded exactly like John Denver. And you didn't even have to close your eyes to imagine him on stage, since Jim Curry was wearing a typical 1970's John Denver outfit. From our seats, he looked like the real thing. And he sounded absolutely incredible! We kept saying to each other that we felt like we were at a real John Denver concert! It was simply beautiful, and I am so glad I got to experience it.

What a great evening of culture and music. Phoenix Symphony sells packages where one can choose four shows during the season. I am thinking I will do it! If John doesn't want to go, my sister is all over it! It was such a treat to spend an evening with my best friend, listening to music on which we grew up. I have been singing John Denver songs ever since our evening out!

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