Thursday, January 24, 2013

House Tweaking – Yellow Lamp Edition

IMG_7201    IMG_7202

I have had this lamp for years and years, and it was passed down to me from family when they moved out of our shared apartment to get married. I painted it green about three years ago to try to update the look of it.

But if we’re being honest here, and why wouldn’t we, I’ve never been crazy about this lamp shape. So Deseret Industries to the rescue!


I recently found this bad guy while we were out shopping some sales. Who knew that twenty years ago, they would know that this year’s design color is emerald green? As much as I love green, I’ve never been much of an emerald green person. But I saw this lamp and knew that it could solve all of my lighting dilemmas!

Especially with a price tag of $5.

IMG_7207     IMG_7209

It had potential, I must say. I was immediately imagining these brass pieces a different metallic finish. And I loved that the light switch was located on the base of the lamp, so it was easy to use without reaching up inside the shade.

Because that’s so much work?


I still haven’t jumped on board the brass wagon. But I did go outside of my Satin Nickel box today by trying some Chrome Spray Paint from Ace Hardware.

And may I just say…I am in love! Where has this stuff been the past few years?! A little hole in my soul was filled when I discovered Chrome spray paint…


I prepped the lamp by giving it a good cleansing scrub. Then I wrapped the bottom portion to prevent it from being chromed. It was a beautiful day to spray paint, so I headed outside to change the metal forever.


Oh my goodness. Really, can it get any better than this?! I love it!


The arch and entire top half got a great coating of chrome. I was so excited thus far, so it couldn’t dry quickly enough to allow me to do the bottom half!


I brought it inside for a few hours to “cure.” Already, it is an improvement. I love seeing projects as they get better right before my eyes. Maybe that’s the best part about spray painting? Instant gratification!


Later that same day, it was dry enough to tape up for the bottom half to get sprayed. I had picked a new color from Rustoleum…Marigold in Gloss. I don’t work with gloss paint very often, but this experience has also changed that thinking forever.

Gloss is awesome!


And in this case, it looks like a big, yellow school bus. I actually dig it, yo. But now I can’t wait to see it combined with the new shiny chrome on top!

But I’ll wait. Because it’s awful to mess up a paint finish by trying to remove tape and plastic before things are adequately dried.

Patience, right? I’ve heard of that…


From what I could see so far, though, I really liked it.


I brought it inside once again to cure overnight. My duck seems to like it, too.

IMG_7213    IMG_7238

I made some lamp switches throughout the two rooms to make the new School Bus Lamp feel warmly welcomed. This blue lamp, another previously-sprayed favorite of mine, got a new home on the buffet.

Stamp of approval.


I have always loved the shape of this formerly-brass lamp. And I get all of my shades from Walmart…they have a gorgeous drum shade in white that works to make every lamp look its best!


This lamp switcheroo is successful! Now, let’s see where the new yellow one is going to fit in!


Can you see it? That bright, fun, happy pop of color on the end table? If you feel like staging a spray-painting intervention, you’re too late.

How can you not love doing something so cheap and easy that makes such a huge difference?!


This is my present view when coming down the hall. And I like it quite a bit.

IMG_7524    IMG_7526

And Mr. Horse got a new home from the fireplace mantel to here. I just wanted some bright colors to wake up this little corner in here.

Green horses and yellow lamps fit that requirement perfectly.


Because I used gloss paint, the surface still looks wet and shiny. And I surprised myself by absolutely loving the effect! Maybe gloss paint and I need to get better acquainted these next few months?


I’m happy to report that the twist switch still works, too. And a wood ball adds some natural texture to this side of our home.

Wha? Green horses aren’t natural?


This is the now-yellow view from the dining room. I really love how we now have a pop of brightness to balance out the dresser on the other side of the living room.

I hate to toot my own horn, but I’m really loving all of this!

Toot toot! (oops)


I’ve been watching for some new pillows these past few months, so maybe we’ll be having a “House Tweaking: Pillow Edition” post really soon!

Being picky and cheap cost-effective is not a good combination when wanting to update several pillows in a home, by the way.


Another “natural elements” spot in the living room. Texture and green plant color. You can’t go wrong with that combination!

Especially if it’s sitting on top of some shiny bling!


These are my winter “flowers.” They are just twigs that Hubby helped me cut to size from one of the countless trimming sessions on our I-passionately-hate-how-it-sheds Honey Mesquite Tree out front.

You know, because nothing says winter more than some dead twigs in a vase…


And we have a family of ducks residing in the living room now. In fact, they are about to be joined by an additional family member, but I’m considering repainting all of them a fun color!

Do I have a problem or what?!

Any House Tweaking going on in your neck of the woods?

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