Saturday, July 25, 2009

Stop the Presses for the Cribbage Queen!

Oh glorious day! Micah beat Jeff in cribbage. Not just once...though that alone would have been pretty schnazzy. TWICE! Believe me, folks...this never happens. Usually Jeff is the player who pegs the points that you accidentally miss. And then he rubs it in your face that you really suck at cribbage. And he talks smack the entire time about how far behind your pegs are on the board. So when I kicked his butt twice within an hour, I was overly joyed. So was his wife, who lost to him earlier that day and had to receive his havoc. He is a sore winner, and even worse at losing! I enjoyed every second. Bwaa haaa haaa! (For the reader's information, some of the pegs shown in the pictures above were moved prior to photo-taking to help Jeff feel better about himself as a man. In reality, I really did kick his can by too many points).

What brought on this exciting game of cribbage, one may ask? Jeff and Megan were gracious enough to invite us for a yummy chicken Crockpot Sunday dinner. It was delicious! It started out with a crisp and refreshing summer salad, and I chose a vinaigrette to top mine. Then the chicken and cream sauce came out to put on top of linguine noodles. Heaven on a plate! And I didn't have to cook a single thing! Then, after the aforementioned cribbage game, we had a dish of my favorite kind of ice cream. Mint chocolate chip, of course. I can't decide on the highlight of the cream, chicken, or kicking Jeff's butt at cribbage!

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