Friday, May 21, 2010

The Many Faces of a Tag-Along Shopper

Evan can finally acknowledge that his life is was his first experience at my favorite store in the world, TJ Maxx. He was such a good sport and loved looking around. When he got a little fussy ( that possible?!), T'liese took him out to the car for some lunch. When he came back, he talked a lot and was so sweet! Who knew that men are much more pleasant on a full stomach?

My sister and I used to meet a few times a week for some fun window-shopping. We wandered around Chandler Mall, snacking on a piece of See's Candy and watching people as they frequented different stores. Her having a baby has slightly changed our carefree attitude about not planning a trip in advance. I invited her down to TJ Maxx so she could get some things for her house. Honestly, though...I usually don't need an excuse to go to this store! We had a blast, and Evan was so good to let us have a blast! He was such a great little man, wearing jeans and one of his robot onesies (which I think he wears just for me now that he knows how much I like them). T'liese got a beautiful planter pot for her Mother's Day flowers as well as a very beautiful wallet. I picked out some great patio dinnerware, only to eventually put them back on the shelf after walking around the store with them for half an hour. Very typical me. I don't spend money! It will be easier to buy stuff for a house when I have one!

Thanks for the fun day, T'liese and Evan! You are both pretty dang cute.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

World Traveler...Or At Least The East Coast

It was great to be back at work for a full week. Big Boss even left on Sunday afternoon to maximize his fun on the road. He is such a hard-worker, and he is good at wearing out his pilots! This week was a blast and for the most part pretty easy. It isn't unusual for Big Boss to want to fly seven or eight times a day, from 7:00 AM to well past 3:00 AM the next morning. I guess you could say this week was pretty easy because I only had one really early morning. Most nights, as usual, were very late. I crawled into bed in Bedford (near Boston) on Sunday night at 3:30 AM.

Aside from the exciting maintenance dilemma in Philly, we had a great week. I eventually got over being sick, but my ears still hurt when we landed back in Phoenix late Friday night. What a baby I am! I hate flying when I'm sick, but if I don't go, neither can they! It's hard to say no when they are relying on me to accomplish their work. And when you haven't had a full week of work in a few weeks, it's a treat to be out there again (sick or not)!

We flew all over the East Coast, visiting the Mini Bosses in each region we stopped. My company employs a lot of good people, and I truly enjoy not only flying the same people around, but also visiting the same people over the course of a week. We hit several cities in several states. Some a few times! And I even made it home in time to enjoy a weekend of graduation festivities with my husband.

Phoenix - Salina, Kansas for fuel - Bedford - Rochester - Northeast Philadelphia - Manassas - Atlanta - Tallahassee - Miami - Venice - Miami - Atlanta - El Paso for fuel - Phoenix

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ice Cream with Grandpa

Since my Dad is in town, we used an easy excuse to get together again Monday evening. We drove all the way to Phoenix to eat at Mary Coyle's Ice Cream Shop, only to discover when we pulled in that they were closed for the Suns game. What?! They closed for that?! We ended up settling for Dairy Queen, which was no Mary Coyle's. Not nearly enough butterfat content.

Thankfully, spending time with cute babies made up for the lack of caloric intake. Did I mention I have a very cute niece and nephew? It's true. And not just because Evan wears little robots on his onesie. And blows bubbles when you talk to him.

Thanks for the ice cream, Dad!
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