Friday, September 30, 2011

A First For Sure

Do you know what feels really good?

Paying off my first student loan. 

I know it's just a drop in the bucket, but having that extra $129.29 a month to put towards the next loan will only snowball that payment as well. Hubby and I just started a new budget this month. He now pays for everything that requires us to sustain life. And besides my tithing each month, every penny I make now goes towards paying off my student loans. According to, we will be done with them completely in February of 2015. A sobering number, but certainly better than the year 2034 estimate by my bank. I've come to passionately hate interest!

One down. Seven to go. Too bad the remaining seven total more money than I'll make in years!

Monday, September 26, 2011

A Biker Weekend in Reno

I was able to work this weekend. I only work about six weekends a year, so it's not too bad. The unfortunate side to working this particular weekend was that my Hubby celebrated a birthday! And I kind of missed the entire thing.

We left Friday morning with seven people in back. Terry was able to bring his wife. I was the awkward eighth wheel for the entire day! We dropped the six off at a tiny airport about forty miles southeast of Reno in a town called Yerington. They had business meetings throughout the weekend and wanted to be picked up again on Sunday morning around eleven. Since Yerington had no jet fuel available, and just one small motel, we flew the airplane to Reno to spend a few nights before returning with full fuel to take them home again.

I had a blast all weekend. I stayed in a four-star resort in a room that usually runs $249 a night. Our rate was just $94 through the FBO. Pure heaven!

Something fun was that a biker extravaganza was going on in downtown Reno the same weekend. It made for some very interesting people-watching, and I got to admire some beautiful custom motorcycles. I entertained myself on Saturday by walking about six miles round-trip to downtown Reno to take a peek at the biker festivities. On my way back to the resort after a few hours of enjoying the show, I stopped in a city park and relaxed under some trees. I love finding shapes in clouds and haven't done it for years! I remedied that before starting back to the Grand Sierra.

I relaxed that evening and grabbed a bite to eat in one of the many resort restaurants. As much as I wanted steak, I didn't think paying $40 for one would go over very well with Big Boss.

Sunday morning, we were back to the airplane to ferry to Yerington. The passengers showed up on time, and we were back in Phoenix just an hour and a half later.

Headed to work again tonight. I'm exhausted, but it will be a nice week. Every week on the road is usually nice!

Phoenix - Yerington - Reno - Yerington - Phoenix

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