Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It’s All Going Away

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Here we go again!

After hurting my Achilles Heel while training for my 5K last year, I’ve had a really hard time getting back on the bandwagon for permanent weight loss. Even worse, those wonderful eighteen pounds that came off in the three months of training for the 5K have also returned.

And then some. Yuck, huh?

I started back at the gym with some healthy goals in mind this past January. I did really well for several weeks and even lost a few pounds.

Then I got sick and spent a week in bed. And since then I’ve had the darndest time getting the motivation back to be really good and healthy-minded again. Easter candy has not helped in that regard. Neither has being on the road so much. Sometimes, it can be hard to find ways to work out and eat healthy.

I was grateful to be home Monday, so I headed to the gym for a wonderful workout. I spent forty-five minutes on the elliptical machine, which I love, and which is also low-impact and doesn’t hurt my apparently-permanently-damaged Achilles. It felt great! On my way out of the gym, I stopped to read their inspirational stories of members who have lost weight with the help of a trainer.

While I was reading, mostly not bothering a soul, a nice trainer named Lindsey came up to me. She was so friendly and not intimidating in the least. She asked if I wanted to do my free trainer session with her. I hesitated at first, and then I decided to do it. Why on earth should I be afraid of something that could help with my health improvement goals?!

So I met with her yesterday for a fifty-minute workout session. She spent some extra time with me in the beginning to get a feel for my goals and desires. She is so sweet and understanding. She played sports in high school in a small town, too. I feel like we have lots in common. Rather than feeling inadequate around her, she made me feel good for my goals and wanting to change! Lindsey is awesome! And she made me feel awesome!

We had a great workout. She taught me some neat exercises that I can also modify to do in the hotel room when I’m away from the gym. My legs and arms were certainly feeling the burn, and it was a great feeling. She was so uplifting and supportive. I really enjoyed working out with her.

So I bought a trainer package with her. Eek!

We are going to work together on my weight-loss goals these next several months. I just want to get me back and be healthy and happy and satisfied. I think that having a trainer throughout that process will only be a good thing. Nothing else has worked, so this has to be the trick. And I am tickled to get started.

She will be a motivator and someone to help me keep track of my progress. She will help me get through those plateaus and find new ways to keep the weight coming off. She will challenge me and push me harder than I think that I can do. She will help me develop the new me that I’ve been wanting for years.

No more excuses. No more regrets. Only doing something about it and loving the results!

It’s going to be great, and I’m so excited to start this new phase. I’m keeping track of my daily exercise and food using Lindsey’s recommended Follow along, if you want! Even better, join and keep track with me! You are three-times more likely to succeed if you have friends helping you along the way. I have previously been using to track my progress, but MyFitnessPal is a little more comprehensive in tracking exact workouts, like reps, weights, etc. It will make it really easy to see my improvement! I recommend either tracking tool, if you’re looking for a way to start being more healthy.

Once it comes back in stock, I am also going to get The Basis fitness tracker watch, which will also help my weight-loss goals. I hope this happens soon…I’ve had my eye on it since January!

In these next several months, whether I’m busy at work or have a few days home, I’m excited to see these weight-loss goals come true. It will solve so many aspects of my life that I’ve been wanting to change!

The journey has already started and is wonderful.


  1. Micah, I'm excited for you! A positive move towards a better you! xoxo

  2. How exciting! Changes like these are always for the better! I have my own personal Lindsay, except her name is Jaymie. We exercise together and it's been nice to have someone to be accountable to. Go Micah, Go!

  3. Hang in there Captain Micah, you can do it!..we have a gal that comes to our bible study here at our house that weighted over 400 lbs...she went on a diet and exercise routine, and now weighs about 150, looks great.. she is having operations to take the excess skin off, and nearly through with that!..think it took nearly two years for her, she says all worth while!...Whick


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