Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chicago Love

I'm at work this week. Kinda silly timing, since my family reunion starts TODAY in Sedona. With any luck, we will be heading home late tonight. Hubby and I might drive up to the cabin this evening, depending on how much is ready to pack up and go. I didn't mean to leave all the grocery shopping for him, but I certainly didn't expect to be working this week, either! Boss #2 is back after not flying since February. I think he is trying to make up for lost time since he will be flying the last three weeks of September. I've been too spoiled at home working on projects!

I am in Chicago right now, and my hotel is located about three-quarters of a mile from Midway Airport. This is one of my favorite destinations since I wake up to the aroma of fresh Tootsie Rolls, thanks to the factory being next door. There are lots of things to do within walking distance. I was going to go downtown yesterday to enjoy a science museum and finally do the River Tour, but it was raining all morning and threatening rain the rest of the day. And Chicago drivers aren't exactly at their best when it's dry, let alone in precipitation! I will have to do it next time I'm here.

I have taken lots of pictures but won't be downloading them to my computer until next week when I get back from vacation. I am so excited to spend this time with my family! Gaining five pounds is on the agenda for us all, among other things.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Porch Progress

So many things are getting done in this new house. I love each and every day that I get to work on projects to make it our own. While John's dad was here a month ago, we used his electrical know-how to have him install our new porch light. It is motion-detecting, and I bought it on Amazon a few months ago. Unfortunately, it possesses the traits of Schizophrenia. It never turns on when we want, and turns off on its own after just walking past it a few seconds before. More than likely, we got a faulty unit and will need to replace it. But it looks nice, in the meantime. Who needs functionality?

I bought a doorbell cover to replace the old brass one. I found the perfect one at Restoration Hardware's website for only $10. Someone forgot to measure the size of the opening before ordering, however, and a run to the store to exchange was done shortly after we moved in. I love the new and improved look of the satin nickel, which is the hardware we are doing throughout the entire house.

We utilized John's dad's truck while he was in town to pick up a new security door to put on the front entrance to the house. I am hoping to leave all my doors and windows open for eight months out of the year. I love how the installed door looks, but we will need to purchase and install a door kit to prevent little critters from coming inside. I want a nice breeze, not all the neighborhood creepy crawlies. Do I have the right to be so selective?

In addition, we removed the old house numbers from the tree out front (wha?) and replaced them with floating vertical satin nickel numbers attached to the house. I love them! John did a great job installing them.

The only thing left to do out here is to paint the porch with some patio paint. I have to wait until Monsoon Season ends so the thing will dry before a thunderstorm washes it all away. We will be tearing out all of the plants in front as soon as the weather begins to cool down! The plan is to replace it with smaller, manageable desert greenery. I'm lazy like that, you know? And these flowers right now have completely taken over the sidewalk and must go. I would also love somewhere to sit out front so we can enjoy the perfect weather most of the year.

It's all coming along, and I am sure enjoying the process. I love this house.

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