Saturday, March 17, 2012

Private Pilot

Hello, Friends!

It’s time to go private on this ol’ blog. If you want to join me, please email via the Contact page above. Or you can leave a comment with your email address. Or call. Or text. Or send a pigeon.

I can’t wait for you to come along for the ride! We’ll probably need five-point restraining systems here, folks.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Good Ol’ Baton Rouge

My first trip in my beautiful new airplane took place last week. We went to the swingin’ town of Baton Rouge for my clients to work for a few days.
We left at 2:00 PM on Wednesday with two people in back. Since we didn’t have our RVSM certification back from the Flight Standards District Office in Scottsdale yet, we climbed all the way up to FL430.
In eighteen minutes.
And for those who don’t know, climbing that high that fast is a new record in my book.
We landed shortly after 6:00 PM with a one-hour time difference.
Don’t you love my winglets? Or Gladys’ winglets, I guess I should say.

We left about half an hour late thanks to an SD card uploading problem. When trying to update the database for the flight, the computer didn’t like something on the card and refused to bring up the proper displays on the PFDs and MFD.
You realize this thing is just a flying computer. And if it doesn’t like some of the information it receives, ain’t nobody goin’ nowheres.
Wow, sorry about the hick slang. Baton Rouge affects people in different ways.
Crazily enough, there was nothing to do near the airport Springhill Suites in which I stayed. I love getting out and walking and exploring, but there wasn’t anything to visit within miles of where I slept for three nights.
I didn’t mind and used the speedy internet connection to work on projects for The Cupcake Stand. I got a lot done in two days!
Saturday morning brought a 10:00 AM departure back to Phoenix. We flew at 42,000 feet and enjoyed a speedy flight. Even with a headwind, we were still doing about 400 knots groundspeed.
This airplane cruises at 450 knots True Airspeed. Can you believe it?! In fact, we had over 500 knots over the ground on our flight to Baton Rouge. A tailwind always helps, mind you, but Gladys is fast!
Another Phenom on the ramp…this time a 100.
Flying right over Sky Harbor on our way to landing was kind of fun, too. I don’t miss being based there, though it was very good to me for five years!
We landed and had the car pulled right up to the airplane for the passengers. They were on their way and happy before I started to clean up the airplane as part of my post-flight inspection.
I’m still in love.
Scottsdale – Baton Rouge – Scottsdale

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Our Second Catering Event


Our first catering event brought to us our second. A guest at the wedding reception where we made our first cupcakes liked them so much that she hired us for her daughter’s wedding just one week later.


I ended up working until 1:00 PM on Saturday, then rushed home in time to help frost and deliver the cupcakes to the wedding at 5:30.


We had our share of excitement with the cupcake liners not performing as they should. Let’s just say we learned quite a bit from our entire second catering experience!


Also at the last minute, the bride decided not to use our white cupcake display but to use her own vintage cake stands.


That was fine with us, except they weren’t ready when we got there. We spent an hour trying to locate the right pieces on our own, which resulted in us still setting up as the party officially started.


Again, we learned a lot this time around!


The Tuesday before the wedding, we did a test batch of a new flavor that the client had requested: Key Lime Cupcakes.

IMG_2936  IMG_2940

These delicious minis were made up of a lime cake with a fresh lime juice glaze before being cored and filled with a homemade fresh lime curd. We then piped on some cream cheese buttercream frosting and sprinkled on white sanding sugar and garnished with a miniature lime wedge.

Needless to say, they were a hit.

When I took our test batch to the client to taste them on Tuesday afternoon, she changed her order and wanted more of the Key Lime. They were that good!


I love being at events, which gave me the chance to hand our contact information to those interested. I hope it leads to more events for us, since I’m having a lot of fun with this!

150 mini Lemon Squeeze, 150 mini Key Lime

Monday, March 12, 2012

Perhaps the Biggest News of All


I know that I alluded to the grand changes going on around here. My life has been quite the roller coaster since last Fall when these changes started taking place.


No, I’m not pregnant. But thanks for asking.


I did, however, recently get a new job. Flying a new airplane. With a schedule! GASP!


I was able to fly the airplane, an Embraer Phenom 300, for the first time just a few weeks ago. I needed to get three takeoffs and landings accomplished after studying systems, avionics, and emergencies.


It’s part of the requirements to get a Second-In-Command type rating, which I plan to attain with the local FAA since I won’t be going to school to be a Captain on this airplane.


And you can still call me “Captain.” I won’t mind.

Not going to school in this airplane is just fine with me. The Phenom 300 is certified to fly with just one pilot, so I feel pretty lucky just to be along for the ride!


First impressions of my new baby, which has been lovingly named Gladys.

I am in love.

It’s a rocket.

It’s a flying computer.

It’s slightly more advanced than the Beechjet that I’ve been flying for the past five years. By that I mean it’s like flying a space saucer after flying a dinosaur with miniature arms.

It is beautiful.

It is huge. You could easily do three cartwheels inside. That’s my personal measurement of airplane interiors, after all. How many cartwheels can be done inside the cabin?

It can stop on a dime. Even without thrust reversers, this thing lands in less than 2,400 feet. My Beechjet was lucky to stop in less than 4,000, just for comparison!

My heart goes pitter-pat every time I see it.

This may be the best thing to happen to me since I got hitched. (Yes, Hubby still takes precedence).


This is going to be a pretty sweet deal. I will have a schedule and will know when I’m flying. Even better, I will know when I am not flying and can plan things at home! What’s a social life? I am about to find out!


No longer will I be on-call 24/7, which has been a constant strain for me for five years. A schedule, new airplane, and awesome passengers all add up to being the ideal dream job.


I don’t know how I got so blessed, but after searching for a new job since November and sending out over seventy resumes, it is an answer to prayers.


Come along for my new ride! It’s going to be a good one!


I have a feeling that Gladys is going to get a lot more hugs from now on…

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