Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Sitting Selection

Those closest to me know I've been a little obsessed about furniture lately. I've tried (and often failed) to not let this obsession take over my life. I must admit, however, that it's pretty dang fun to plan out and decorate a new home. In my defense, I can hardly wait to have places for people to SIT in our house! I don't feel like we can have folks over because there is simply nothing on which to place a fanny, let alone several fannies. The time has come, I daresay, to pick out couches for the living room. At last! These are some of the contenders. Please don't be afraid of some of these colors...we will be picking out a dark tan for two couches in the living room.

Flexsteel - Digby Sofa

This beautiful, wide couch comes with soaring reviews of longevity and look...two things that matter quite a bit to me. I get to pick out my fabric and wood stain, and it only takes about five weeks before being ready for pick-up. This is actually my top pick right now, and it may find a place in our home unless I find something better in the near future. I love how it has no cushions on the back that constantly need adjusting. Babysitting a couch for my sister helped me realize I needed something tight and low-maintenance that will keep my Type-A tendencies in check. This couch does it. I also like that it has three cushions...three people could sit here easily with such a designated space. Other couches the same length that only have two cushions might not be as welcoming for people to enjoy. We all know each other here! Have a seat! The bad news? To convince John this is "The One," it would really be nice to have him sit in it. The only floor model in the entire state is in Prescott! Do we drive up for a sit? It's 2.5 hours one-way!

Crate and Barrel - Hennessy Sofa
Despite being my favorite for over a year now, I can no longer patiently wait for the reviews to improve. People all complain about the cushions sinking after just a few months of light use, and the frame creaking after just a year. Despite Crate and Barrel having stellar customer service, I don't want to mess with major things like poor quality on these purchases! I love everything about the look of this couch, though, and have been in love with it for quite some time. Too bad I care about how long it will last, too!

Nantuckit Furniture - Maggie Sofa

I love this simple, clean-lined sofa all the way from the east coast. In case it wasn't yet obvious, I am going for a contemporary, classic, almost-retro look. I want it to be streamlined and clean-looking without going out of style in two years. This sofa has it all. I get to pick the fabric and wood color for the legs. And over the next week, their couches offer free shipping and no sales tax. Cha-CHING! I really like this couch.

Crate and Barrel - Camden Sofa
After my beloved Hennessy had such bad reviews, I looked around the store for another viable option. I found this one, but I think it is a little too "clean" for my taste. I love how it has no cushions, and not even on the bottom! But I think it's a little too simple for the contemporary look I want. And with no reviews on their website, I'm a little gun shy to jump in on a couch so similar to the Hennessy with atrocious reviews.

Room and Board - Murray Sofa

I love the look of this couch, and the price. It does have cushions on the back, but they look manageable and not hard to maintain for a nice, neat look. It's a great size and is attractive. It looks like it is straight out of the 1950's, which is actually something I like! It's also a few inches wider than the rest of the group, which is appealing. However, I also need to keep scale in mind...maybe that two inches isn't the best decision for our living room.

Feel free to weigh in with your likes, dislikes, and favorites. You are the lucky ones who get to enjoy these couches with us, so you might as well have a say in picking them out!


  1. Oh, la la! All so pretty. My eye's stuck on Digby (the first one). Classy and clean, but not too stuffy or rigid. I recommend staying away from the forest or deep greens (only because that's what we have and I fear it's going out of style all too soon)

  2. I like the first and the last one!

  3. I like the red one. Three cushions are good.

  4. If you came up to try out the top one, you could visit us! I'd say we could try it out for you, but that's not the same as you doing it yourself.


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