Friday, August 20, 2010

All Tied Up

I haven't been my usual patient shopper lately. Historically, I gain great satisfaction by waiting for months for the perfect something to appear in the store. I envision it in my brain, then simply wait for the store to come around. And for it to go on sale. This past month, however, I have not allowed myself such patience. If I need something for the house and can't find it after checking a few stores, I simply go home and order from Amazon. I really love Amazon. And I really love getting packages on my doorstep. It's a celebration every day the UPS man pulls up!

Recently, this lovely little number was sitting on my front porch. After checking TJ Maxx, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and Bed Bath and Beyond for a tie rack to go in our closet, I finally gave up and found the perfect one online. It came yesterday afternoon, and I just finished installing it. My husband had the ties temporarily slung over a hanger prior to this installation, knowing we were on the look-out for for something better. And I am tickled with how it turned out! The hooks come off for easy use. It is sturdy and attaches easily to the wall with a drill and some drywall inserts prior to the screws holding it all in place.

A few things that I realized today as a direct result of this project: John has in his collection a few ugly ties. But I know they carry sentimental value, since he got them in Hungary while serving his mission. I guess we can blame the Hungarians for having such awful ties. Something else that came to light is that extra holders still exist after putting all of his ties in place. I have now given myself permission to buy him a new tie in the next few weeks. I will be on the look-out, since ties are something that always deserve diligent patience.

Yes, I organized the ties by color. Is anyone really surprised? No? I didn't think so.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Heavenly Tahoe and Oakland

I went to work this week! I so rarely get to write that any more, and I get slightly excited when I am able to hit the road in a Beechjet. It's been such a blessing to be home more these past few months so I can work on projects for our new house. However, early Tuesday morning we departed Phoenix for Truckee Tahoe Airport on the north side of the lake. After dropping off two people, we continued on to Oakland for the day.

Lunch was at P.F. Changs in downtown Oakland, which is always a treat. I found a little bakeshop and wanted to go in, but luckily I had left my wallet back at the airplane. We went into the Barnes and Noble instead and each got a Clive Cussler book to read over the next few days, since we knew a lot of waiting at the airport would be taking place. I am almost through my book already and love it. Clive Cussler is one of my favorite authors when I just want a fun read. My problem is I will read about six of his books in a month and burn out, then take a few years to get back into a monthly reading attack again! After heading back to Truckee later that day, we had a pizza delivered to our Hampton Inn. The views from the hotel were beautiful, and I certainly noticed an altitude difference since we were at 6,000 feet!

The little airport cafe at Truckee was closed when we tried it for lunch. Apparently, a bear had broken in at night to eat all of their goodies. They really do like honey! So we hopped on some airport courtesy bicycles and rode about a mile to Mountain Burrito for lunch. It was delicious. By the time we got back to the airport and got the airplane ready, it was time to enjoy a book for an hour. Big Boss called to say it could be as late at 10:00 PM before we left back for home, but he arrived with the two other passengers around 4:00 instead. It seemed everyone in the west was heading to Phoenix, and we got slowed down five-hundred miles out! Phoenix Tower was busy enough that we couldn't get our normal south runway, so we landed on 26 and had a 15-minute taxi back to the FBO. What a fun trip! It always feels so wonderful to go flying!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Slobber and Love

I got to babysit my favorite Phoenix Nephew yesterday. Evan came to spend a few hours with his Aunt Micah while his parents attended some religious facilities in Mesa. I was really looking forward to it, and he certainly didn't disappoint. I am rather partial to Evan, after all. And not just because he has the most beautiful blue eyes and longest eyelashes, though those things don't hurt one bit.

We had a blast during his stay. I showed him around our new house and got some decorating tips by way of him growling. Such a boy...he growls! Soon, however, Evan was rubbing his eyes and yawning (I guess no tough guys are really that interested in home decor). I laid him down in a quiet, dark room at the end of the hall (with a properly-functioning ceiling fan, thank you very much). I soon realized that he was being too quiet for sleep to be happening! I peeked my head in the door to take a look and cracked up laughing as a result. He was repeatedly kicking both legs high up in the air, then down at the same time against the soft mattress of his Pack-N-Play (Judo Chop!). Because of such rigorous movement, the blanket had ended up covering his chubby little face. I went into the room to put the blanket back in its rightful place around his body and found a huge grin underneath the blanket! He was having the time of his life kicking up his heels...literally! It melts my heart when that boy smiles. He repeated it all again five minutes later, so I decided he wasn't tired enough and got him out to snuggle (or, more accurately, to play with manly electronics). His Uncle John was setting up the theater room and found an Oldies station on Pandora via the Blu-Ray player. Apparently, Evan likes rocking out to the Oldies. Who doesn't? It tuckered him out to enjoy such good music, however, and he was soon ready for nap time.

His parents were able to enjoy a lunch out as well and arrived while Evan was still fast asleep. I didn't want him to leave and even invited him to spend the night (from the back of the house, I heard my husband say, "Oh no he doesn't..."). Evan will be back tomorrow when we are hosting a family dinner to welcome back into town his cousin and aunt after their summer out of the heat. I refuse to let cute related babies leave town for a summer again. She leaves for two months and starts CRAWLING? Never again, I tell you.

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