Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Sweet Discovery

I had a fun date with myself today. You'll soon understand why I didn't drag my fortunate husband along. Besides, one of us has to work! Too bad it has to be him, since he missed a wonderfully lovely date with me! I began my afternoon by getting a tiny roast beef sandwich and an even tinier french fry at Arby's. Back in the day, Arby's was one of my favorite fast food establishments. I have since traveled the world and had my eyes open to the wonders and variety of fast food. I didn't exactly settle today, but it wasn't exactly Cafe Rio, either! As I was staring off into space from the Arby's dining room (I often stare off into space during dates with me...the conversation can really lag and get awkward), I noticed a sign across the parking lot for the frozen yogurt shop, Yodipity.

Several months ago, my Utah Sister emailed me a link to a recently-opened yogurt store not too far from my house. We planned to visit it for ourselves to see if it was as good as everyone said. However, when the whole family was in town this past April, we just didn't have time to get to Mesa Riverview for some frozen yogurt. Seeing the sign today reminded me of my resolute promise to my sister...I WILL try Yodipity, if it's the last thing I do! Luckily, I survived. And it was delightful! It was pretty hard to choose from their selection of flavors, but I ultimately fell back on my "Old Faithful" recipe of mint ice cream, brownie chunks, and caramel sauce. It tasted even better...perhaps because of the low-calorie sign above the yogurt dispensers? Charloe, come visit me so we can go back to Yodipity. You will love it. See? All you needed was a little incentive to come enjoy the heat! It was only 112 degrees today. Believe me, frozen yogurt was all but necessary.

And now, the true reason why my husband was shunned from attending this date: I am a fan of the Twilight Saga, while John is not. Therefore, I went to the movie alone, swooning and smiling and wiping tears at all the appropriate times without worrying about John being in constant pain and misery for two hours and four minutes. The movies just keep getting better and better, and this one was completely enjoyable. The books, as always, are best. I am a devoted member of Team Edward, in case that needs to be stated. Those who aren't will come around eventually.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Needs Being Met

Nothing says Sunday to me than a wonderful Pot Roast Dinner. Well, I guess nap with my husband says Sunday. That has Sunday written all over it. And I guess that whole go-to-church-for-three-hours thing says Sunday quite a bit, too. But walking through the door after a lovely church attendance, only to be greeted with the incredible aromas of a Pot Roast in the slow cooker...well, that just says Sunday is really here. Sunday was really here yesterday. And it was pretty dern good, if I do say so myself.

I started out my morning by trimming a roast from Fry's. Then I added some baby carrots (I am entitled to be IS Sunday, after all!). Celery came next, followed by a few small onions. I seasoned with salt and pepper after each layer so everything had a chance to soak up some goodness while cooking. Then I topped the entire pile of love with a can of broth to add lots of moisture. It certainly worked! Seven hours later, we were eating a tender and perfectly seasoned Pot Roast! Literally, it melted in our mouths. John kept "hmphing" and mmmming" during the meal, so I know it wasn't just me enjoying it.

I usually large-dice the potatoes and put them in with everything else to roast. But I passionately love mashed potatoes, so I opted for those. I accidentally dropped an entire stick of butter and an obscene amount of cream into the 3-pound batch. With a little salt and pepper, they came out incredibly heavenly.

My first real gravy attempt took place today and was a success. I usually just buy the dry packets of gravy and mix in a little juice from the slow cooker. But it is never very good. Thanks to Betty Crocker, I discovered how easy it is to make your own gravy from the drippings and some flour, and it was incredibly yummy! Best-enjoyed poured on top of buttery/creamy potatoes and some Pot Roast. Or so I've heard.

The only thing missing was some dinner rolls. I shall remedy that awkward situation today so we can truly enjoy the remainder of the leftovers. Do you have any idea how many mashed potatoes come from three measly pounds?! I am thrilled that we will be eating Pot Roast for the next few days! And even more thrilled that I never have to do my dishes after making a meal for my husband. Isn't he wonderful?

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