Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pretty Desert

Living in Arizona these past (almost) five years has been a dream. And now that I live in a home that is scorpion-free, my love of Arizona has increased even more. On our drive to Snowflake a few weeks ago, I was able to capture a few images with my camera that showcase why this part of the country is so derned purdy.

Sorry that some of them have a movement blur. You have no idea how fast a Toyota Corolla can go...especially when there is a promise of pumpkin pie at the end of the trip.

I'm glad I live here. Even though I've been complaining about the "cold" all week. Our highs have been in the low 50s since Saturday, which has been cold enough to warrant me having to wear real shoes. Come on, really? It's only December, and I can't wear flip flops?! Real shoes!!

I'm already looking forward to March. It has been a weird year for weather all around, but I think we are in for three months of "cold."

I know, I know...I lived in North Dakota for four winters. How can this even affect me? Well, my blood has thinned greatly since those days, apparently. And I defiantly threw away all forms of thermal underwear when I moved away from Grand Forks. 

There are times when I regret that decision. Like this week.

But pretty desert pictures remind me again why living here is such a dream.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Itchy Trigger Finger

I can't be alone on this. Wandering through the house, trying to find things that need a face lift. It's pretty much just an excuse to get some spray paint cans out to work some magic. Luckily, I found some pumpkins at Walmart on clearance for $2 a piece. They were originally $10 a piece when I first drooled over them in September. But I knew that if I waited, they would drop drastically in price once the pumpkin season was officially over. After what seemed like years of waiting, I wheeled my cart down the fake flowers aisle and dropped to my knees...for tucked away on the bottom shelf were several beautiful pumpkins newly-affixed with red clearance tags! Patience, young grasshopper, paid off at last.

Five of the little guys ended up in my cart. I peeled out in the parking lot to get home to alter the neon-orange color of three of them. The other two weren't quite as bright and could remain in their original color...but my spray paint was about to transform three into Heirloom White from Rustoleum. I don't buy any other brand now since I love this stuff so much.

A few other things around the house succumbed to my need for spray. A vase I painted yellow last year just never felt right to me. Who likes a dirty yellow pot, anyway? And I had a few lamps that were an eyesore but would be free to paint! Come out of the closets, little ones. This spray paint can if your friend! They all made it outside onto my trusty spray painting board. 

No, I'm not an addict. Yes, I do have an official spray painting board. What of it?

After some tricky taping, the painting could commence. Just a few passes of elbow-elbow, wrist-wrist and voila! New things! After some drying time on newspapers, each piece found a new home in my home. I must say, I'm quite a fan. I'm just always blown away that a complete change takes place with just a few bucks of paint!

If you haven't become addicted a fan like me, give spray painting a try. You'll love it! I realize those same sentiments are spoken by drug dealers to potential buyers, but that isn't the point! 

I'm just glad there are now a few more pieces in the sparse Fall decorations collection of our home. They are tucked safely away for now to be enjoyed next year, along with some other decorative scores I found on my knees in the fake flower aisle at Walmart. Luckily, no one saw me in that condition! A girl has to find a good deal if she wants to feel confident when painting!

Just try it. Once won't hurt. (Oh man! Again with the dealer talk?!)

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