Saturday, June 7, 2008

San Antonio

It has been over four weeks since I arrived in San Antonio. We had some setbacks in maintenance on my Beechjet, but I am hoping to fly the airplane home tomorrow, June 8th. The team here has been awesome, and I feel really good about the work that has been done. That is always a good thing...since it is my life on the line with their work! I will only have one night home before I head out next first week as Captain without Terry on board! I am looking forward to it and will probably run on adrenaline each day. I am so blessed to be in the position I am with so few hours and piloting a Beechjet as Captain. Lucky, lucky me. All the hard work paid off!

I did a session here on Thursday evening, and I cannot even begin to describe how happy it made me. It is surely heaven on earth, and I would rather be no where else. When I had called the temple a few days earlier, she said they had sessions at 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM. So after work on Thursday, I headed to the temple with my camera, knowing I was too late to catch a session. I show up and the parking lot is packed! Turns out, Thursday is a late night that has sessions at 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM. I raced back to the hotel to get dressed and grab my temple bag, then made it back in time to do the 8:00 PM session. I was on the waiting list, but luckily there was room for me to fit in. This was my first time to a small temple. The list of temples I have been able to do a session in are: Toronto, Ontario; Denver, Colorado; Manhattan, New York; and now San Antonio, Texas. I also frequently attend my hometown temple in Mesa, Arizona. It was just announced that we are getting three more temples in the valley, that that will make five in the state!
I still really like John and would probably talk about him all day, every day if I could. He is simply wonderful. I wish I had more time with him this weekend before I head on the road again for another five days. It is the nature of my job and I love it, but it is nice to be in the arms of my big, strong, handsome man, too! I am not biased at all...

Monday, June 2, 2008


Weekend of Fun

I am back in San Antonio for another week of watching maintenance. I have been in Phoenix all weekend catching up on bills at home, and most importantly, catching up with my man, John. I forgot my keys in Texas, so we had to run around before I could get into the house and get my spare car key. How young is too young to be going crazy? Everything worked out in the end.
When I got home on Thursday night, John made a Hungarian dish for me for dinner. It was yummy, and I think he can no longer claim that he doesn't cook! He is so good to me. Friday night we had date with his cousin and husband. Texas Roadhouse for great steak, then we went to the Indiana Jones movie. There aren't many better things than being able to watch a movie with my sweetheart's arms around me.

Saturday morning, John and I attended a temple session...our first time together. It was really nice, and we had a lovely day with each other. That evening, we met the family (Jeff and Megan, Joe and T'liese, and Dad) at Fez in downtown Phoenix for some burgers and quality time. We had a blast but were disappointed we didn't see more gay cowboys, since it is apparently a hang-out location for such fun! Dessert at Mary Coyle's topped off the evening with the family, and it was wonderful. Can you really go wrong with homemade ice cream on top of chewy brownies? Nope! It was a nice weekend home to catch up, and I got a lot accomplished in time to come back to SAT today for more work. The airplane will hopefully be done by the end of this week so I can fly it home. Next week will be my first trip as Captain without Terry on board, so I am looking forward to that!
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