Friday, June 4, 2010

Working the West

Wow, what a whirlwind of a week. Too busy to blog sounds like a lame excuse, but John and I have been swamped with things this past week. I haven't had anything able to capture my camera lens until yesterday when I got called for work. Flying always gives me a good excuse to take lots of pictures!

Another day trip. I promise I fly to more places than just Oakland, California! Bosses have had a lot of projects going on up there and have taken up to seven people each time they visit. It saves lots of money by piling everyone into one airplane as opposed to purchasing airline tickets for each person. In addition, I have the hardest time imagining Big Boss waiting in line for TSA security in a big airport...let's just say he prefers to fly with us when he can. I was up at 5:00 AM to pick up Terry at the gas station at 6:00 before heading to the airport. All was well with the airplane except a broken static wick. I have twelve of these yellow guys on My Baby, and they help dissipate static electricity that builds up on the airplane during normal flight. No one likes to get death-penalty electric shocks after de-boarding a Beechjet! Luckily, it was an easy fix...just unscrew the broken one and replace. The wicks on the far ends of the wings get broken often by accidental line guys who get a little too close. If bent slightly, it breaks. That's why it is so important to do a good walk-around after each flight. If we come back the next morning to find a broken static wick, we know it was accidentally massacred while we were gone. The benefit of this is we don't have to pay for it!

The flight to Oakland was nice. We followed the Instrument Landing System (ILS) to 27R. We didn't break out of the clouds until about three miles from the runway, but I've experienced much worse! After landing, I got all seven people aboard the awaiting rental minivan and waved them on their way. I found a Snooze Room in the Pilot's Lounge and actually fell asleep for a few hours! I woke up around 11:30 AM to find Terry ready for lunch! We borrowed the crew car to drive the few blocks to the Indian buffet we tried last time we were in town. It wasn't nearly as good this time, and I doubt we will go back. Then we went back to the airport to await Big Boss' return. He arrived shortly after 4:00 PM for an hour-long flight to St. George, Utah. This was my first time flying into St. George, which is famous for having its airport on top of a butte near town. It looks really pretty, but it just means the crosswinds are horrendous for landing! I have such fond memories of St. George...every March in high school, my softball team came down for a week-long tournament to start our official season. It was always such a treat to stay in a hotel, eat fast food, and enjoy warmer weather (in the seventies compared to still freezing in Nephi). It was fun to go back, now ten years later, to see how much the town has changed.

We were only in St. George for a few hours before departing for home. We landed shortly after dark and taxied to the ramp. What a great day at "work!"

Phoenix - Oakland - St. George - Phoenix

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Things of My Heart - Stainless Steel Edition

I am certain it is 100% completely normal to create an appliance wish-list. Every girl does it. She craves walking into Best Buy, perusing the endless aisles of stainless steel contraptions, running her finger along the polished glass tops, and opening absolutely every hinged item that can be opened. It's not even slightly odd to know exactly what plugged-in items I want in my future home.

Like this lovely little number. 25.8 cubic feet of refrigerated goodness. French doors open to reveal a variety of storage options. What do you mean I can store the milk and orange juice gallon jugs in the door? They don't have to take up an entire shelf in the fridge? I'll take it! The freezer on bottom is convenient, though I have yet to run the numbers to discover how many containers of ice cream it can really hold. I love this refrigerator and dream of it being in my future home.

Or what about these two happy creatures? Yes, they match. Which means all is well in the world of Micah. They even have the fancy silver knobs that turn without feeling like they are turning. And a digital read-out letting me know how long I have to wait before the next load of laundry can be initiated (or how long I have to wait before heading to the ice cream department of the grocery store to work on the above-mentioned experiment). These are front-loading, which means they cost very little to operate in both realms of electricity and water. I could spend hours using these every day, and I am hoping I will!

Or this. My goodness, did it take your breath away, too? I love this machine. Did I mention it has hidden bottom heating elements to create a cleaning breeze? And a glass top that means one wipe will clean up even the messiest spaghetti sauce explosion. Although it isn't a gas range, which is perfect for some cooking I have planned in the future, it IS an electrical convection oven. Which means I might actually be able to follow the time suggestions on any given recipe. And I can bake more than one rack at a time. My dream come true.

Who can live without a microwave in this day and age? This one happens to mount out of the way in true over-the-range fashion. I was a little apprehensive about mounting this 60-pound contraption over my beautiful glass cook top, but (through countless hours of research) I have discovered that they come with pretty hefty mounting kits. I can install it to the underside of the cabinets or the back of the choice. And with choices like that, how is a girl to refuse?

At least all those hours of worry are will I wash my clothes someday? How will we keep all that ice cream cold yet still easily accessible? Will my fridge warn me if the door has accidentally been left open? My appliance wish-list has answered many of life's major questions. I am at peace.
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