Monday, April 6, 2009

A Little Cupcake Love

We were going to get together at my brother, Jeff, and his wife, Megan's house, and I decided to take an extra treat for people to snack on during Conference on Sunday. Since becoming almost obsessed with, I borrowed one of her recipes and ideas to made these little cuties. They were a hit! Not only did they turn out looking well, but they tasted incredible! I am trying to take more photo-savvy pictures, but it is tough when I don't have much outside light because we live in a basement apartment. Oh well! They were still snatched up like they were goin' outta style!


  1. Hey you, I wanted to help make these with you. Do you just like to be down there by yourself all the time??? I do live across the street! I suppose we'd have to make them over here but hey it could be fun! sounds like you have had some great treats lately. Thanks for letting John take Matt bowling the other night. I hope it didn't interfere with the oreo delight!

  2. You were out of town and I needed to make them for a party! I think I would choose camping over making cupcakes any day! They turned out ok for my first try. John didn't mind eating them, either. He has it pretty rough!

  3. You are an out of control baker! I'm so impressed by all the amazing treats you've been making! By the way, did we leave our pitcher over there?

  4. I made some as well. I was so delighted with how easy it was to do. I had a ton of fun and am looking for any excuse to make them again and again. I did what you did, though, and used candy molds for the bottom. It seemed easier and cuter to me.

    I even managed to put some of them on sticks!

    Mine are here if you want to see.


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