Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Captain Day

This is it! The biggest day of my career thus far! On Monday, June 9, 2008, I flew my first trip as Captain with Bruce, my boss, as my co-pilot. I was in charge of everything from flight planning to fueling to weather-checking. It was a BLAST! Things went well on the 7:00 PM departure to Centennial Airport in Denver from Phoenix Sky Harbor, my home airport. The flight lasted 1.8 hours and ended with a smooth night landing on the 10,000-foot runway at KAPA. Weather was gorgeous! The airplane performed perfectly! I didn't forget anything! In fact, my calmness rather surprised me. I just relaxed and enjoyed everything, knowing that I had done everything I could possibly think of to prepare and make the flight a success. It was that! The only difficult thing was trying to sleep after the flight because I was so excited! I love my job. I am 25 years old with 1056 total hours of flight time, and I am a Beechjet Captain. Sheesh.


  1. Micah,

    Congratulations! I know you have worked very hard to get to this point in your career and it must be very rewarding to finally get there. Isn't it great to have a job that you'd do for nothing that people actualy pay you to do? I've been flying many more years than you have and I still don't believe that!

    I wish you continued success and happiness.
    ~ Charlie

  2. These are AWESOME pictures! WOW, what an invigorating feeling that must have been to do it for your first time!! CONGRATS!!!


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