Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend in Snowflake

We went north to spend the weekend in John's home town, Snowflake, Arizona. It was beautiful! We arrived at about 9:30 on Friday evening after getting new tires on John's car. The drive lasted less than three hours, so we made good time. They had a bed made up for me and an air mattress in the living room made up for John. John's brother and sister-in-law were also up visiting for the weekend from Mesa. Saturday morning, after a yummy breakfast of cold cereal with John's 90 year-old grandma, we went to the Snowflake Pioneer Days Parade, celebrating the arrival of the pioneers to settle the city over 150 years ago. The parade was cute and lasted almost an hour! Then it was BBQ time, heading to The Social Hall for some BBQ pork, cole slaw and beans and cold watermelon. Pretty yummy!

That afternoon, we went to the park to see all the craft booths and visit John's old high school. We then went to the Snowflake Temple to take some pictures. I try to get pictures of temples if I am close! Then we went back to John's parent's home for some fishing with Mick Weir, John's dad. When a thunderstorm hit, we packed up and walked the block back to the house. John and I played wiffleball against Matthew and Heather in the yard until the pizza arrived that evening. Instead of going to the rodeo and getting rained on, we sat around the house and visited and played cribbage.

Micah, John and Brian (John's brother who lives in Snowflake) rented a movie to watch later that evening on Brian's new projection theater. John then took me to watch the fireworks and proposed to me. I said YES! We watched a movie then crashed after a great day!

Sunday morning, John was up before everyone and was able to tell them all the good news. Everyone was excited and love the ring, including me! That John Weir has great taste! After letting Brian and Julie know the good news, we hit the road to head home in time for John's church meetings that afternoon. It was such a fun weekend! I never get to be spur-of-the-moment other than at work!


  1. what a WONDERFUL weekend!

  2. So excited for you, Micah! Welcome to the family, John!


  3. I'm so happy that you are joining the family. Let me know how I can help. Love ya girl!


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