Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Honeymoon in Mexico

We took a 5-night, 6-day cruise from New Orleans to the Gulf of Mexico for our honeymoon! Neither of us had been on one before, and what better way to travel during our first week as husband and wife. It was freezing as we walked to the ship port from our hotel in the French Quarter of New Orleans. A line was already forming to get onto the ship, even though we showed up two hours before boarding time. We stood in line for an hour to clear through security, all the while being congratulated that we each only brought one small suitcase for the entire week! Some couples had eight bags between them! We got on the boat and found our cabin. Then we explored the ship and froze on the deck waiting for departure. Tuesday was our day at sea, but it was still chilly outside until that evening when we were closer to Mexico. We spent Wednesday exploring ancient Mayan ruins in Dzibilchaltun near Progresso, Yucatan. It was neat to be so close to history. Thursday was our snorkeling day in Cozumel. The water was beautiful, but it was very windy and that made for some tall waves. Being in a tiny boat for three separate snorkel stops, I got bounced around pretty well. During our last dip in the water, I shared some breakfast with the fishies and felt better! Friday was our day at sea heading back to port. Saturday morning, we left the boat at 7:30 AM and walked to Cafe Du Monde in the French Quarter so John could try some beignets. Very yummy! I have been to New Orleans several times for work, but it is never clean. We caught a cab to the airport and arrived four hours early for our flight. After trying to nap on the benches, we talked and read books until our flight boarded. My sister, T'liese, and her husband, Joe, picked us up at the airport and took us to their house, which is where we left our car. Upon arrival at home, we took a nap. I slept for four hours, and when I woke up, my husband was finishing the third load of laundry! Yes, he IS a dream come true. It was a nice trip, but we were glad to be home. And who says the honeymoon has to end after the honeymoon!? It was such a treat to be with John for a whole week! I never get sick of that boy!


  1. Looks like you had a great time even if the food wasn't as desirable. Mabye that was better so you wouldn't eat as much!! It's cool you've been home all this week. Lucky you. You should come out and see your neighbors sometime. You might end up looking as white as John if you stay in doors all the time!

  2. ok, Micah, i just love your style of writing! i was particularly entertained by the picture you painted about ... a hem... "sharing your breakfast with the fish!"
    CLEVER! love it. :) i love your blog.

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