Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Lights Date with my Sweety

Last Wednesday, I made an awesome dinner of Tin-Can Soup (thanks, Mom!) and homemade rolls. So I told John he was in charge of entertainment for the evening. He went online and found a block of houses that decorates like there is no tomorrow. On the way, he stopped and got us some yummy hot chocolate because, yes, 50 degrees IS cold! He kept it a secret of where we were going until we pulled up. WOW! These neighbors are all die-hards! We talked to some of them, and they said they "interview" future residents of their block to decide if they are worthy to participate in the decorating, and therefore worthy to live there! It was a fun half hour walking around looking at Christmas lights. It is by far the best holiday, and I am excited to spend this year with my new husband!

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