Sunday, September 27, 2009

There's Always Room for Another Bed...

...even in a two-bedroom apartment that already had six beds in it. And one of the beds is even ours! Just in case we didn't have an adequate number of beds, we purchased another one last week.

While I was away for work for five nights, John slept on the floor and saw significant improvement in how his back felt. He has an old man back (as he calls it), probably thanks to sleeping on concrete for two years in Hungary. Our current bed hurts him, as does every bed in the apartment that we have tried (we've had a lovely selection). I couldn't believe my ears when I arrived home from work to hear him say, "So I've been looking at the Sleep Number Bed." Three hours later, we walked out of the Select Comfort store with receipt in hand. It was surreal, and at times I wondered if it had all just been a nightmare. You see, having TWO beds in a two-bedroom apartment can be a bit much. We had that times three. Three beds, two futons, and a hideaway couch with bed in tow. So I couldn't believe we would add to the fun by getting another bed! But we did. Make that seven. Seven beds (Count Dracula could do a special from our place).

Early Thursday morning, several huge boxes arrived in our living room thanks to John carrying them downstairs before he left for work. We didn't have a chance to assemble it until Friday evening. I was worried we should have paid the extra $100 to have somebody put it together for us. But I didn't play with Legos and Erector Sets all my life to not have it benefit me as an adult! It only took us an hour, with occasional help from the online assembly guide. We have slept on it two nights now. It's too soon to say whether it is healing his back, but we are the perfect host for Musical Beds in case anyone thinks that is a real game.

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  1. Looks comfy! Hope John's back feels better.


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