Monday, October 5, 2009

Does Anyone Have a Hydraulic Switch?

You know it's a bad day at work when you miss watching General Conference in hopes that your airplane will soon be ready to fire up and go home. Late Saturday afternoon, during our final engines runs, the mechanics discovered a small leak in one of our hydraulic switches. We have been trying to find a part for three days, with no luck yet. I cried on the drive home because I was so bummed!

On the plus side, the airplane DID get a sponge bath. My baby is all clean and sparkly. Kinda like being all dolled up with no where to go!

Hopefully a part will be located soon. We had a trip scheduled today, so this wasn't good news for anyone. Nothing could be done about it. Now it's just hurry-up-and-wait. Story of a corporate pilot's life!

But it DOES make me feel better seeing my baby all clean and sparkly.

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