Friday, November 13, 2009

Denver, Detroit, and NYC

My airplane departed Monday evening for Denver Jeffco Airport, with me in the Captain Seat. I hadn't been there before (we always fly into the Centennial Airport), so I was pretty excited. And a night flight with Ron is so rare since he prefers to leave early in the morning, so I love getting some night landings in! I flew all week, and I was happy with my work. There is always something I want to do better, but it would probably be a boring life if everything was done perfectly!

We left for Detroit Willow Run Airport on Tuesday morning. Rather than spending the night there, Ron decided to continue on to Teterboro Airport. Of course, we found this out just as we sat down to a dinner of Mexican food near the airport. We rushed back and beat him there! We stayed in Teterboro until Thursday afternoon when we made the loooooooong trek west to Phoenix. Yet another night landing! The weather was beautiful, and if I had gusty winds on landing, they were right down the runway. How blessed am I? I ran some errands near the hotel on Wednesday and worked on some projects from my hotel room.

It was a pleasant surprise to head home before Friday. I pulled into my driveway at 8:00 PM and got to see John's ankle (no better...and his whole leg is now yellow, purple, and achy!). I am testing some recipes today and cleaning house. And enjoying a day home with John, since he has the day off!

It was a great week at work, even if it was short and sweet!

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  1. it's breathtaking to look at your photos! i still think it's soooo cool you're a pilot. :)


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