Saturday, November 14, 2009

Recipe Testing - Someone's Gotta Do It!

I spent my day off creating a few batches of goodies for potential use in my bite-size treats catering business. I did a test-run of Mini Cheese Danishes, which I am making for T'liese's baby shower next Saturday. I didn't want that morning to arrive without me knowing these would turn out. Be assured...they turned out! They were absolutely delicious and oh so tender! One of my new cookbooks teaches me how to make puff pastry, but it can be a process requiring several days and lots of beating and kneading and (hopefully not) cussing. Going to the freezer section of my grocery store was much easier! And the danishes still melted in my mouth despite the dough not being made from scratch this time!

My second attempt was a chocolate cheesecake cupcake with a gooey chocolate glaze. Everything was delicious except the appearance of the glaze, which formed an awkward ball prior to frosting and led to the cupcakes looking like a disgrace. They still tasted good, but people eat with their eyes first! I knew I was in trouble when John took a second look at them before eating half a dozen! Back to the drawing board, at least for the frosting!

It was fun to move along a little more towards creating a full menu to offer to clients. I sure am having fun with this!


  1. FUN!!! I'll bet they taste good, too!

  2. I'm drooling!!! Yummmmm!!! :)


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