Tuesday, February 23, 2010

1 Grandma + 2 New Grandbabies = Happiness

Southwest Airlines brought my Mama to town yesterday so she could spend some time with her two new grandbabies. In case I haven't mentioned it previously, my brother and his wife had their baby girl, Mayla, five weeks ago. And my sister and her husband had their first baby, Evan, just this past week. So Grandma came down to meet and greet them. It's not everyday your grandbaby count doubles, so she had to come celebrate with the reasons themselves.

With a packed suitcase for work in my trunk, I picked up my Mom from Phoenix Sky Harbor around 3:00 PM. We headed north to The Cheesecake Factory (I promise someone else actually made this suggestion, not me. No, really!) to meet Megan and Mayla for a late lunch. This was Mayla's second visit to The Cheesecake Factory, which only means we are starting her life out right. We split a delicious order of the fried zucchini, very healthy because it partially contains a vegetable. Then we each got a meal to enjoy...Megan getting a Louisiana Chicken Pasta dish, and Mom and I getting the same thing, the Chicken Marcel. Then we accidentally ordered a piece of Chocolate Tuxedo Cheesecake to split, because we had yet to get enough food on the table. Although the meal was delicious, the best part was watching my Mom hold baby Mayla for the first time. Isn't my Mom such a beautiful lady? I love her so much. When Mayla got hungry, I stayed behind to finish the bill (we split it because no one would let anyone else pick up the entire tab) while Megan and Mom headed to Megan's house to feed Mayla her afternoon snack. I arrived shortly after and admired Mayla's shoe drawer. That baby has some very loved feet! I have never seen so many adorable shoes for one kid! Luckily, she has a lot of fans with shoe fetishes.

Around 6:00 PM, it came time to swing by to pick up my brother from work before heading to the Friends house for my Mom to meet baby #2, Evan, who was born just this past Wednesday. It's amazing what a month of growing has done to little Mayla. She requires two arms to hold, while Evan could easily still be considered a multi-tasker baby. For instance, I can hold him in one arm and take pictures of him with the other. Mayla? Impossible! You need both arms to hold all the perfection!

We spent a lovely evening at T'liese and Joe's house, talking about babies and poopy diapers and onesies. I learn a lot every time I am with these people! It was so fun to watch my Mom get to hug on two new babies in one evening. It may be on the top of her list for best days ever. And I never got the call to head to work, so I got to soak it all in. What a wonderful evening!


  1. Love the pictures! Mayla is so beautiful--and those shoes with the bows! So sweet. And Evan--what a cute tiny boy. I've forgotten how tiny babies are! Hope you all have fun this week!

  2. What a lucky grandma!!!!!!!

  3. Everyone looks SOOO good. The babies are beautiful. Such sweet little faces. Hugs to everyone!!! Thanks Micah for making this possible. xoxoxxo
    Aunt Elan

  4. I LOVED looking at those pics, Micah! Thanks for posting them! (And thanks Charloe for the blog address!) There's just nothing quite like the wonder in a Grandma's eyes when she sees her baby's babies. And the new mommas look amazing!


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