Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sunday Dinner Will Never be the Same

I hate to say it, but two new babies in the family have really thrown a wrench into my entertaining agenda. We invited the Friends and the Parkinsons over this past Sunday evening for some pot roast and mashed spuds. I knew it would be tricky for everyone to make it, since babies tend to take priority on any schedule. Everyone showed up by 5:00 PM, however, and a lovely evening commenced.

It didn't last long. Poor Evan hadn't taken good naps all day and hadn't been asleep since 1:30. He was cranky and so tired that it proved impossible to get him to fall asleep, despite his parents trying every trick in the Evan book. We tried rocking him to sleep, placing him in a quiet bedroom to sleep, feeding him pot roast to sleep (just kidding), and swaddling him while softly "shhhh-ing" in his ear. Nothing calmed the little man. Eventually, the Friends gave up and decided to take him home for a bath and his own bed. I had to force dessert down their gullets before they left (no one leaves MY house without eating dessert!). They agreed.

Uncle Joe is just about the sweetest guy in the world, but he seems to have the same effect on baby girls. Almost two years ago, little Brynn couldn't quite warm up to him, either. And tonight? Mayla had the same issues with Uncle Joe holding her. If he turned her around to face the room, she calmed down. I don't think she realizes that some day he will be her favorite uncle!

There are more pictures of Mayla because Evan was feeling a little anti-social. Jeff tried to have Mayla show us how she is rolling from her belly to her back. Of course, we still don't know how badly he's lying, because no rolling took place. Jeff is known for chronic lying when playing cribbage, so I am not sure if he is telling the truth about the physical progression of his 7 week-old baby! Regardless, she is cute...even if he is lying.

It was a fun evening to see the two new babies in the family. Evan is definitely filling out (has gained a whole pound in just two weeks, in addition to re-gaining his baby weight!). Mayla is exhibiting more and more personality and sure tried hard to smile when daddy was talking to her in a sweet voice. They are both going to be lots of fun! I wouldn't say our social life is ruined...just different. I have never had to plan an event around nap time before.


  1. So sad that little Evan was having a bad night! Mayla is a doll! That smile--and it's hilarious that she cries for Uncle Joe. Brynn loves her Uncle Joe now, but it took awhile! Love the pictures--hopefully next time Evan will be a happier baby.

  2. Planning events around nap time will get easier. Funny how the world can revolve around one little baby, huh?

  3. I make most women cry, not just baby girls. :)


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