Thursday, April 15, 2010

House Wishes

Considering how much time I spend in my day thinking about our future home, it's probably a miracle that I haven't made a Wish List Post prior to today. I am so house-hungry. I can't wait until I don't have to share a laundry room with the neighbors. I can't wait until I have an outdoor space all my own to keep meticulously weeded and watered. I can't wait until I have my dream kitchen. Some of these may actually be a reality some day! I thought it would be fun to share things in my head as to what I hope we have some day. It can't come soon enough!

Location is key. We love the Dobson Ranch area in Mesa near the 60 and 101 freeways, but it will be harder to find a house in this neighborhood since most of them have an HOA. John refuses to pay someone to tell him what he is allowed to do on his property, and I agree! So just east of Dobson Ranch is a beautiful area called Dobson Woods with no HOAs but same great location! We will probably settle in this area.

Two-car garage. Can I be so lucky as to have windows on the top of the garage door? I love that look!

Curb appeal. Being the self-proclaimed perfectionist that I am, I would love a beautiful front and backyard that I can feel proud of. I particularly like these two little numbers.

Kitchen. It might be the most important thing to me, since I love spending so much time in this room. I would love to have everything updated so we don't have to worry about it. Dark wood cabinets? Yes, please. And stainless steel appliances would make my heart go pitter-pat. Counterspace is important, since I still have that dream of doing some dessert catering some day. I would love a gas range to cook up a storm.

And double-wall ovens. Did I mention I would love to do a small amount of baking in the future? These would be a must! Convection ovens, if I have the ability to be really picky!

I would love a pretty view out of my kitchen window. I think it would be wonderful to watch the kiddies play in the yard while I slave away at dishes or cleaning inside. (Who am I kidding...if they are outside, it's to do yard work, and then they will be inside doing the dishes and cleaning while I prop my legs up in a comfy chair!).

A bathroom to die for. I know houses are sold because of kitchens and bathrooms, and this is another area in the house I hope is already done for us. I would love to add a personal touch of my own, but new fixtures and floors would be ideal. Tile showers would be nice, with a beautiful seamless glass door. I have always wanted a squeegee...

For me, an outdoor entertaining space is crucial. I would love a huge covered patio with enough room for our grill (non-existent as of now), an outdoor lounge set (also on the wish list), and a dining set perfect for all kinds of parties (I drool every time I am at the store). The weather is so nice here in The Valley eight months out of the year, and I can see an outdoor patio simply becoming an extension of our living space.

A pool. It's actually not important to us, since I think we are both intimidated by the maintenance of one. But if we found the perfect house and it happened to have a pool in the backyard, I don't think I would let it stop me from buying. In a perfect world, it would have a fence around the pool so as to prevent future children damage.

A yard is key. If we get stuck with a pool, there has to be enough lawn and grass for the kids to play in (mow, weed, fertilize, etc.). I can't wait to roll around in my own grass! Please forgive such a brash statement!

French doors. This is one of those things I have discovered is important to John, though not spoken plainly. He refuses to have sliding doors to any outdoor space, so French Doors are a must.

A great room. I never want to be stuck cooking in the kitchen with the party happening elsewhere in the house. I imagine a perfect, large room with enough space for a sitting area (perhaps near a fireplace?) and room for my desired gigantic dining table (I have about thirty possibilities picked out at twenty-nine stores). I want to be able to be a part of the action while I finish getting dinner ready, and a great room would provide that opportunity.

Kitchen storage is a must for me. And if you know me well, you know I can totally make my pantry look this good! I can't wait to have room to store everything my little heart desires!

I would love to have tall ceilings, simply because of the illusion created of more space. I like space. And I would love to have lots of light in that space. Neutral paint with white baseboards and recessed lighting? Well, alrighty then!

So there you have it. My dream home in a nutshell. I know we won't find a perfect house, but I have high hopes of finding the perfect house for us. Did I mention I can hardly wait?


  1. I love all these things in your dream house! Where did you get all these pictures? Open house somewhere? I should come up with my own dream post! It will make looking for houses easier or harder to settle for something less... I love all your posts. Keeps me entertained I'm sad when you go to long without a post.

  2. Someday you will have it all, sis, I promise. Really great post!

  3. I love the term "house hungry", I've never heard it put that way before. What a complete list, you have great taste!

    Also, we'll have to chat catering at church tomorrow! :)


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