Friday, April 9, 2010

It's Still There!

By my calculations, it has been a few weeks since I have been able to fly an airplane. Which explains my nervous twitch and constant desire for ice cream nourishment. But today I got an opportunity to at least see my airplane when I went to pick up my AED for a software upgrade. I took a couple of pictures of my baby, and perhaps even said a few kind words and patted it gently. I miss it! Look how pretty it is! And it doesn't even matter if my flaps are drooping down! That can happen when an airplane has been sitting for a few weeks, since those things are held up by hydraulic pressure supplied by operating jet engines (vroom vroom!). Without any power to refresh those things, the hydraulic fluid will eventually empty from the lines and let the flaps sag. It's not flattering, especially on an older airplane in need of some cosmetic surgery. But did that stop me from wanting to hug my airplane? Not at all. I really do miss it when I don't see it more often. And by "seeing it," I mean flying all over North America in it, all week, every week.

As for my mission of the day, we carry an AED/defibrillator on board the airplane. And I have been First Aid and AED-certified to know how to handle one of my passengers taking a nap slightly too seriously. Sometimes I wonder where I would be able to actually USE a defibrillator on my airplane, since floor space is pretty limited. With any continued luck, I will never have to find out. The AED was due for a software upgrade, and I was willing to do anything to look at my airplane again. So I picked the equipment up at at Sky Harbor Airport before heading to my work headquarters, The Towers, to have the company nurse bring everything up to date. I passed some lovely churches on the drive and thought I'd share. I don't go to downtown Phoenix very often, and it's always fun discovering new buildings along the way. Have I mentioned I love this town? And it has nothing to do with 85-degrees and sunny...

After the software upgrade was complete, I got a call from my sister inviting me to hang out for the day. I rushed over, knowing that having family in town all weekend would mean I would have to "share" some beautiful babies with my out-of-town sister and mama. So I spent the afternoon with Evan and kissed on him plenty.

And I am sure you can see why...

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