Sunday, May 2, 2010

Chabot Space and Science Center

In case it wasn't blatantly obvious and common knowledge, I am somewhat of a nerd. I love going to museums and historical sites and such. Anything I can do to enhance my brain functions, I can't get enough of it.

Such an opportunity presented itself this past Wednesday when I was "working." The guy I fly with, Terry, just bought an annual pass to a group of museums, which meant we had free admission to the Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland! We arrived around noon to enjoy several hours of exploring the premises. There was so much to see, including three giant telescopes that are still used in open-to-the-public star parties every weekend. One of the telescopes was built in the 1860's and is still used today! It was fun to partake of the endless knowledge often found in a science center. My favorite part was the movie we watched in the Planetarium called "The Maya Skies," which covered the history of how the Maya began their calendars through utilization of star formations. It was so neat! There were lots of kids at the museum for school field trips. It just made me appreciate, yet again, that I am no longer a teenager.

Since the Chabot Center was up on the mountains, the views were absolutely incredible! It was a neat chance to explore more about our solar system!

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  1. Aren't planetariums just amazing? I love to get that perspective of just how small we are in such a large and amazing universe. Kinda helps me realize that I'm not as bom-diggidy as I sometimes think I am. Ah, humililty...


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