Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Home Again, Home Again

The trip home from Oakland was beautiful. Uneventful. The day started with a terrible "free" continental breakfast. It's pretty hard to mess up a croissant, but they managed to do it by putting out one that was at least six days old. Luckily, a bowl of Cheerios lived up to its name and made me feel all better. We headed to the airport to get The Baby ready. A classic game of hurry-up-and-wait (which is actually all my job description says). We didn't get called until Big Boss was twenty minutes away at 3:30 PM! But we were ready for him. And after a two-mile taxi to the departing runway (thanks to noise restrictions out of Oakland International), we were on our way. Conveniently, our departure took us right over the city of San Francisco. Certainly one of my favorite places to visit, and not just because of the Ghiradelli Chocolate Factory Hot Fudge Sundae. It was a fast flight home, thanks to an 80-knot tailwind. They didn't even slow us down for other traffic until we were seventy miles out! A rare treat during rush hour into Phoenix! We landed and unloaded some happy passengers before hitting the road ourselves towards the east valley. What a great couple of days at work.


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