Friday, May 21, 2010

The Many Faces of a Tag-Along Shopper

Evan can finally acknowledge that his life is was his first experience at my favorite store in the world, TJ Maxx. He was such a good sport and loved looking around. When he got a little fussy ( that possible?!), T'liese took him out to the car for some lunch. When he came back, he talked a lot and was so sweet! Who knew that men are much more pleasant on a full stomach?

My sister and I used to meet a few times a week for some fun window-shopping. We wandered around Chandler Mall, snacking on a piece of See's Candy and watching people as they frequented different stores. Her having a baby has slightly changed our carefree attitude about not planning a trip in advance. I invited her down to TJ Maxx so she could get some things for her house. Honestly, though...I usually don't need an excuse to go to this store! We had a blast, and Evan was so good to let us have a blast! He was such a great little man, wearing jeans and one of his robot onesies (which I think he wears just for me now that he knows how much I like them). T'liese got a beautiful planter pot for her Mother's Day flowers as well as a very beautiful wallet. I picked out some great patio dinnerware, only to eventually put them back on the shelf after walking around the store with them for half an hour. Very typical me. I don't spend money! It will be easier to buy stuff for a house when I have one!

Thanks for the fun day, T'liese and Evan! You are both pretty dang cute.


  1. That sure was a fun day. Thanks Micah!

  2. What cute little naked toes!

  3. Oh yes. I nibbled on them all through the day! They tasted as good as they look!

  4. He's getting so much personality! What a cute, cute boy!

  5. I wish he was here right now so I could squeeze him!


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