Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Costco and Handsome Baby Boys I Like

In case it has previously gone unmentioned, I have one adorable nephew here in town. Actually, my nephew out of town is pretty cute, too, but he isn't young enough to let me nibble his toes any time I want. I am not sure I would want to nibble on the toes of a five year-old. But my local nephew? He has no say in the matter.

I got to see him and his mama today, meeting at Costco then heading to her house for lunch and nap time for Evan. Did I mention he just gets cuter every time I see him? His nap wasn't much of a success, as you can see from his red eyes. But after he ate a midday snack, he was carrying on quite the conversation with his mama. I guess he talks more when he is tired. It runs in the family.

T'liese made us Lettuce Chicken Wraps for lunch that were so good that I decided to make them for dinner tonight! Healthy and tasty? Impossible! Everything she cooks is wonderful. I get to experience more of her cooking this coming Saturday when they host a going-away party for some other family members. It will give me a chance to kiss on two babies at once. What more could an aunt want in life?!


  1. Oh he's a cute boy for sure! What pretty blue eyes--do you think they'll stay that color? I can't remember when they're supposed to turn if they're going to. Can't wait to see baby Evan in a few weeks!

  2. Great pictures Micah. That was fun, and thanks for hanging out with us.

  3. Beautiful boy!!!


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