Thursday, August 19, 2010

Heavenly Tahoe and Oakland

I went to work this week! I so rarely get to write that any more, and I get slightly excited when I am able to hit the road in a Beechjet. It's been such a blessing to be home more these past few months so I can work on projects for our new house. However, early Tuesday morning we departed Phoenix for Truckee Tahoe Airport on the north side of the lake. After dropping off two people, we continued on to Oakland for the day.

Lunch was at P.F. Changs in downtown Oakland, which is always a treat. I found a little bakeshop and wanted to go in, but luckily I had left my wallet back at the airplane. We went into the Barnes and Noble instead and each got a Clive Cussler book to read over the next few days, since we knew a lot of waiting at the airport would be taking place. I am almost through my book already and love it. Clive Cussler is one of my favorite authors when I just want a fun read. My problem is I will read about six of his books in a month and burn out, then take a few years to get back into a monthly reading attack again! After heading back to Truckee later that day, we had a pizza delivered to our Hampton Inn. The views from the hotel were beautiful, and I certainly noticed an altitude difference since we were at 6,000 feet!

The little airport cafe at Truckee was closed when we tried it for lunch. Apparently, a bear had broken in at night to eat all of their goodies. They really do like honey! So we hopped on some airport courtesy bicycles and rode about a mile to Mountain Burrito for lunch. It was delicious. By the time we got back to the airport and got the airplane ready, it was time to enjoy a book for an hour. Big Boss called to say it could be as late at 10:00 PM before we left back for home, but he arrived with the two other passengers around 4:00 instead. It seemed everyone in the west was heading to Phoenix, and we got slowed down five-hundred miles out! Phoenix Tower was busy enough that we couldn't get our normal south runway, so we landed on 26 and had a 15-minute taxi back to the FBO. What a fun trip! It always feels so wonderful to go flying!



  1. Sounds like fun! and I have to say your next book venture needs to be Hunger Games! If you havne't read them yet they are a must read! the third and final book comes out on the 25th. so you won't have to wait for the final book. I just barely finished the first two and I'm like come on can't I get the third a little early.

    Do you have a favorite clive cussler. I've read a few of his books. I like the adventure!

    Suprised you remember how to fly after so long of not flying. But I"ll bet your house is looking great!!

  2. Glad you got to go back to work this week!

    I agree with Heather about the Hunger Games! I've only read the first one and I've got the other 2 on order from Amazon! You MUST read them!

    Love you.

  3. Wow, I've never even heard of them until now. Looks like I will have to do some more reading. Heather, one of my favorites is "Valhalla Rising," but I really have loved every single one I've read. "The Chase," which is what I'm reading now, is good but has no Dirk Pitt. I don't really swoon over anyone in the book as a result and will ultimately read a Dirk Pitt novel next! I love how Cussler always ties some history into it. I get away with reading them because it feels like historical fiction!

    Charloe, bring the books to Sedona! I am sure we will have lots of time to read there. In between ping pong tournaments and eating our hearts out, of course.

  4. Love that place and LOVE that you took courtesy bikes into town. Aren't airports great?


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