Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Storage Galore

Our new home came with a two-car garage, but it's pretty small. John keeps teasing me that there will be no room for a Highlander some day, which is what my hopes are set on for when we have kids to truck around. We still have a few boxes in the small garage that we are using to remove the last little bit from the apartment. We don't have a deadline to get out of the old place, so we have taken our time in settling in each load instead of having boxes piled everywhere. It has been a blessing, since I would hate to get behind in putting things away. By doing it this way, I know where everything is going and can put it in its rightful place before starting on the next load. I am anxious to get everything out of the apartment and clean it, too, and hope to finish that this week.

Because the garage is small, the builder planned ahead and built a storage room just off the patio out back. We lock it and even had the security system install a warning on the door. We purchased two industrial-strength shelving units from Costco and finally put them up this past weekend. It will be so nice to have camping gear, Christmas decorations, and tool storage where it belongs! We are also going to use it as a pool equipment room, since anything out in the sun will bake and die...just like that little snake we accidentally fried as kids out on The Ranch.

Our water heater is also out in the storage room. It's about to go, so we have been saving up for a new one for when the time comes. Just like my present car, we will run it until it dies before replacing it! They both have about 225,000 miles on them...

We are getting lots done on the house, which is really fun and satisfying. I cannot begin to describe how happy this house makes me. I really love it. I love being a homeowner. I love having it with such a great husband, to whom I am rather partial.

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