Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Day To Celebrate

My Dad is in town from Mexico for a few days, and we were able to spend all of Saturday with him. That morning began with the entire Phoenix-dwelling family meeting at Crackers Cafe for a delicious breakfast. I've never had anything bad there, and this visit was just as heavenly. After feasting like pigs, Dad hopped in the car with John and I to come see our new house. It was fun to show him around and then open a house-warming present from him. A candy dish, of course. At least we know my addiction to sugar is genetic! Next, Dad and I drove to my sister's house while John stayed behind to complete a project from work. I didn't stay long at Friends since T'liese and I had a wonderful baby shower to attend (congrats, Cassie!). We left early to get back in time to spend the afternoon with family.

I knew I was staying longer to babysit Evan while he slept, and my Dad offered to stay to help. His parents went out for a birthday dinner, as my sister celebrated another year this past weekend! While they were gone, I enjoyed a few hours of conversation with my Dad. Since he lives out of country, it's a rare treat to get so much information passed in just two hours! Before we knew it, they were coming through the door from what sounded like an insane dinner at Mastro's Steakhouse. Yummy! To add to the excitement of the day, T'liese opened presents for her birthday. She got some fun things for her new kitchen. Evan opened his Christmas present from Grandpa a little early but was more entertained by the wrapping paper and cardboard box than the adorable puppy pillow inside. I'm sure it's just a phase! It was a nice, long day with family. I am just glad I made it back in time from Maine!


  1. Thanks Micah for watching Evan. He has such a great aunt!

  2. Love the pictures! Thanks for posting so often.


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