Thursday, November 4, 2010

Super Cabinet Man

I like John. He doesn't snore. He hops up to do the dishes as soon as we are done eating dinner (yes, it's true...I AM the luckiest lady in the world!). He cleans the spare bathroom after we have guests for the weekend because I am, yet again, gone for a week of work. He really is a dream come true in every way.

But he improved my view of him even more this past month by finishing the staining of the remaining cabinets in our home. He documented the process with my old UFO-Mystery camera, and I took the Finished Product pictures. I still smile when I walk past these beautiful accents in our home. They now look like pieces of furniture! I am in love. The photos give just a glimpse of how huge and laborious this project really was! John is a rock star.

While we waited for some polyurethane to dry, we headed outside to fill up the landscaping green bucket once again. We are pulling out the monster bushes in front so I can plant some pretty, simple desert landscaping. We have been working on it for three weeks. Unfortunately, it only takes ten minutes to fill the bucket! It's a long wait for the bin to be empty again (every Thursday) so we can again fill it to the brim. I bet one more week and the monsters will be gone for good!

It's kind of fun to leave for work to see what wonderful present John has in store for me when I get back the following Friday. He never stops trying to make me happy. He always succeeds at that.

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  1. I'm still so happy for you that you guys finally bought a house! John looks so domestic and suburban wheeling the garbage can out to the curb!


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