Thursday, May 23, 2013

Walking Through Seattle and the Bremerton Ferry


Any time spent in my favorite city is just heaven in my book…

…but throw a giant chicken into the equation, and I feel even more blessed to visit Seattle today!

In case you need a recap of all the fun during this two-day visit, here you go.

The Entire First Day
Back to Seattle and the Bang Bang Café
Shiskaberries and Top Pot Doughnuts


To finish today, I wandered through the shopping district of downtown Seattle, then bought some wonderful shoes at Ross, then passed through Pike Place Market one last time on my way to the ferry terminal.


Not too far from this Nordstrom was a Nordstrom Rack. Much more affordable! I went inside to explore but came up empty-handed.


Just a few buildings away was a Ross, which I normally don’t like because they always feel like a clothes bomb went off inside. I figured that this was Seattle, though, so maybe their stores were different than mine.

I am happy that I checked, because I found these cute shoes!

You’re welcome for the wonky hand picture.


I think that it would be fun sometime to take an official tour of the city, like in one of the Ducks. The drivers seem to make the entire ride quite enjoyable, and these particular passengers were singing a loud song as they rode along.

Awesome! Maybe someday.


The crowds got thicker and thicker as I headed towards the Washington State Convention Center. Later, when I checked the schedule online, I realized that a huge gathering was taking place.

I had never heard of Sakura-Con, but it’s an anime/Asian version of Comic Con.


And I saw the strangest get-ups for this event! It made me wander the other direction!

You should have seen what some of these people were wearing! hahahaha!


After leaving them in my dust as quickly as I could, I decided to head towards the ferry terminal by way of Pike Place Market.

I just wanted to walk through it one last time as I left town.


It was late Saturday afternoon, and the place was appropriately packed.

Don’t you just love Pike Place Market?

I know that I do!


I walked through the Victor Steinbrueck Park again and decided to take a picture of this guy selling art. I had seen him the day before, too.

And he was wearing the exact same thing then. I bet he smells great!


The park was full of happy sunbathers enjoying the gorgeous weather. This is the Seattle that I know, by the way. I would say it looks like this about 80% of the time that I’m here!

Rain? Seattle? Really?


Shipping ports, stadiums, ferris wheels, and freeways.

Can you see the pier below? And the Seattle Aquarium?


The market shops spill out onto the street with these vendors. I didn’t even go inside the Market hallways today because the crowds were so bad.

Been there, done that. I prefer it when there are less people so that I can actually look around!


More tulip boxes line the street. I am already missing this place!


The brick road just makes it even better. I love that they still haven’t paved down here.

Leave it old and bricky!


I passed the famous Gum Wall on my way back towards the ferries tonight. Doesn’t this make you want some gum?


Look towards the top, though. Some guy proposed by spelling it out in gum! It that awesome or what?!


After leaving the crowds behind, it was a nice, quiet walk back towards the water.


The tour boats were getting ready to depart with a dinner cruise at sunset.

Wouldn’t that be fun?!


I waited at the entrance to the ferry boarding area until it was time for me to get on the boat.

You just swipe the card through this electronic reader, and it let’s you through.

Then it’s time to wait for the gate to lift after the other passengers have disembarked.


Let’s go back to Bremerton!

Check out that guy carrying flowers. I would love to get some flowers at Pike Place Market sometime!

That giant arrangement was just $5, by the way.


The Puget Sound is one of my favorite bodies of water.

Can I say that?

I love everything about this place.


The ferry boarded its last few passengers, and soon we were on our way back to Bremerton! It will be a lovely hour on the water.


I rode inside, because the wind is a little chilly when this boat really gets going!


Goodbye, Space Needle!

Goodbye, ferris wheel!

Goodbye, Walla Walla!


I really love you, Seattle.

Truly, I do.


Sailboats in the harbor.


As the ferry pulled away from the terminal, I literally waved goodbye to this place.

Isn’t it pretty, though?


I think that the sailboat gave some good effort in trying to catch the ferry that left a few minutes before us. I wonder if he realizes that he will never catch them?

I love the misty mountains in the background.


And just an hour later, we were pulling back into the Bremerton Ferry Terminal!

I can’t get over how blessed I am to have trips like these. I love getting to explore some of my favorite cities. While I work.

But I haven’t been home in nine days, so it might be nice to head back there tomorrow!

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  1. Sounds like you need to buy a second home in the Seattle area! I feel like I know Seattle much better just from reading your blog. Thanks for the travel log and the beautiful pics. Can we get to Disneyland now??? lol. xoxo


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