Saturday, January 22, 2011

Things That I Love Today

It's not uncommon for me to shower around noon each day. After all, I like to get the "dirty work" done before I spruce up and get all clean-like. Working out, chores around the house, and sometimes even answering emails take priority before the shower finally gets its turn.

This morning, however, was a little different. I awoke around 1:00 AM with a killer sore throat. It was profound enough to inspire me to dream about it when I finally fell back to asleep. My dream consisted of my mom, a Registered Nurse, looking down my throat and shaking her head. "It's bad, Sis. Really bad." When I woke up this morning to tell my husband the good news, he jumped up to make me breakfast in bed. He takes such good care of me. I've noticed lots of little things today that sure make being sick a lot more bearable. And staying in bed is just one of them.

1) A great husband. John made me cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate this morning, knowing one would feed me, and other would comfort an aching throat. He's in heating up some soup for me now. John sat at the dining table this morning, while cinnamon rolls were creating baking heaven in the oven, and designed the new tool shed he wants to build. We will be recycling the massive tool shed currently in the back yard to something smaller that we can tuck away on the side of the house. This will ultimately create more grassy room for kids to play someday. So while he is taking care of his decrepit wife, he is also moving on to a project that he knows I'm anxious to have done.  

2) Clean Shower. When I finally decided to get out of bed today, it was only because I was convinced a hot shower would help me feel better. It didn't disappoint, and I am proud to say that, as an added bonus, I smell all clean and fresh-like! I am grateful for a newly-grouted shower to enjoy as it washes away feeling sickly.

3) Stephen's Hot Chocolate. I always accidentally add more than the suggested serving, but this sweet, hot drink sure feels good on a scratchy throat. I've had two mugs today already. Who's counting...I'm sick!

4) Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup. Ironically, I made a huge pot of this stuff yesterday to deliver to my sister and her family...all on their death beds from being sick (a different kind of sick, so I know it's not their fault). I purposely didn't touch anyone, and Evan couldn't figure out why I wouldn't pick him up. After I left their house, I was grateful that I had some soup leftover for myself. The recipe makes a lot! After feeling all puny today, I'm even more tickled that fresh veggies and homemade noodles await me for lunch.

5) Comfortable Bed. We bought a Sleep Number bed almost two years ago and have loved having it. Add that to some incredibly comfortable sheets and perfect pillows, and I am kind of relieved I have such a nice place to be sick today. I usually hop out of bed as soon as I wake up in the morning. I have never made a good lounger. But this morning? With my throat hurting, my body feeling weak, and breakfast being brought to me, I just took my own sweet time enjoying the comforts of a nice, clean, comfortable bed.
6) Warm Pajamas. After getting out of the shower, I was happy to just get back into some comfortable clothes. I plan to take today off and use it as a lazy day to try to beat whatever bug I've caught. Clean PJs and more episodes of Season 3 of LOST are also in the plan to help me overcome my illness. Maybe I should be sick more often!

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  1. Sorry you're sick. I'm glad you just let yourself have a lazy day! Hope you feel better soon.


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