Monday, February 14, 2011

The New and Ever-Improved Baby of Mine

I was so excited last night that I hardly slept. Today was the day that I was to see My New Baby in person. Cosmetic surgery inside and out has been taking place for the past eleven weeks to bring my Beechjet into the new century. Yes, we are late bloomers. But when you're the only girl on an airplane and no one else cares about the aesthetics, you must be patient. Besides, overhauling an airplane with new paint and interior is not a cheap endeavor, and I work for cost-conscious people who prefer to not make something pretty if it means digging into their wallets.

Boy oh boy, am I ever glad they finally fell for my pleas! Look at this beautiful airplane! We are sure to be the coolest kid on the block for quite some time. If I ever let people inside to actually use it, that is. When I first saw My Baby this morning, I jumped up and down in excitement. Luckily, I didn't tear up like I was expecting. That would have been awkward to explain to a bunch of mechanics, painters, and interior gurus who were all complete strangers to me. It all worked out in that they let me get even closer to peek at my sweet new ride.

I spent the day looking over the work that has been. And then I cracked a polite whip! It was my only opportunity to find problems and have them fixed! As awesome as these people are, no one cares about this airplane like me. So I was the one who looked over every square inch to assure all was done well and properly. Once again, being nice paid off. The crew was more than willing to make me happy, even if it meant taping off sections of the airplane to fix minor cosmetic flaws. Most peope wouldn't notice them, but my Type-A tendancies sometimes dictate who notices what!

We didn't quite get everything fixed before the sun went down. I refuse to take off on such a tiny runway at night, so we will be leaving tomorrow afternoon after the last few items are wrapped up. Oxford Aviation has been nothing but heavenly to us, and it's been a pleasure watching true masters at work. I can't wait to start pulling up at airports in this shiny new machine!

Back to the Wild Blue. It's about time!



  2. What a beautiful aircraft..I read your blog daily, enjoy it..but i'm glad your back to flying instead of cooking!.hehe..happy flying. Bill

  3. Don't worry, Bill. I feel the same way! I always worry about how boring my life (and, consequently, this blog) can be without flying. I am glad to be back in the skies! For many a reason...


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