Monday, March 7, 2011

It's Curtains For Me

It's been pure joy to see this living room coming together, and so quickly, too! One week ago, we brought home two new couches to a practically-empty room. Despite checking TJ Maxx for the past four months, I hadn't been able to find my lamps. Last Wednesday, however, they magically appeared and I brought them home! Then, when I went to run some errands to stay out of John's way as he worked from home on Thursday, I stumbled across my perfect curtains! I knew what I had in mind and just had to wait for someone to make them! They were the perfect combination of blue and green and would bring some much-needed color to the room. Honestly, who knew perfection could come in such wonderful packages?!

Thank you, World Market!

I ran next door to Target to buy the curtain rod, then called my sister to plan out an installation day. Someone had to iron these things, after all! She was available the very next morning to come help me put everything up. Believe me, it's always nice to have someone double-checking Micah Math.

I am in love with this room. Every time I walk past, I want to sit down to enjoy it. It feels so welcoming...something I've been striving for. We even had the curtains up in time for the waffle party on Saturday, and everyone loved the changes that have been made. It's heavenly to have the first visble room more on par with the rest of the house.

I'm not done yet. In fact, I need your help.

What do I do with this corner?!

Should I hang a beautiful streamlined chandelier to add more traditional elements to the room? How about a huge arc lamp with a linen drum shade? Maybe a tall bookcase? I want something useful and pretty to fill this space, especially vertically.

Show me your design skills and let me know your suggestions! I'm baffled and slightly indecisive...for now.


  1. The room is turning out to be so beautiful! I'll have to think about that have a handsome nephew and a goofy-looking sister! lol. xoxo

  2. I think that corner needs a nice plant--artificial of course! You need some green in there! Evan is cute as always. And T'liese is a nerd--as always!

  3. I'm between bookcase and large artificial tree for the corner. They both add a lot of life. I believe every room needs both books and plants in them!

  4. It looks wonderful! When your done with your place, maybe you can come decorate mine :)

  5. LOVE IT! I love the the poses! Evan's a cutie and T'liese is overly excited (you can tell by the look on her face). In the corner, A book case w/ a small, artificial plant on top or on one of the's that?

  6. I"m with everyone else. Plant and bookself. Maybe a nice corner one.


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