Friday, March 11, 2011

Product Review: Bissell Little Green ProHeat

Other than Dalmatian puppies, I'm not much a fan of spots on anything. I admit, an occasional leopard-print skirt it cute, and I certainly adore polka dot designs on just about anything. But spots on my new carpet? Well, that's just an uninvited guest that couldn't be gone quickly enough.

When I was deep-cleaning our new home before we moved in, I accidentally spilled some soapy water on the carpet near the entrance to our Master Bedroom. Despite scrubbing hard then putting every fan in the house towards it to dry, it began to collect any bit of dust that it met. Just a few days later, a big, black spot had developed.

I am not exaggerating when I say that I see that spot every time I come into or leave my bedroom. My eyes just naturally fall towards it since it is such a difference from its surroundings. It makes a statement, so to speak, but not one that I've been excited to acknowledge. I've tried not to let it bother me, but it just felt so out of place! And, despite it being caused from soapy water way back when, I still felt like it made my house look dirty. I hated that. My house may be called many things, but dirty it isn't!

I went crazy on Amazon a few days ago and bought some things to help keep my house clean. One of them was the Bissell Little Green ProHeat carpet cleaner. I've been drooling over it in stores and online for months now. And I certainly did my fair share of research to make sure people liked it. I was result-driven in this purchase...I wanted that dirty, soapy spot to be a distant memory in my fading past. So I clicked the mouse a few times, and a few days later marveled that it was already on my doorstep!

This morning was the time to crank it up. I couldn't imagine another day living with that spot. It was either him or me, and I decided to stay. I assembled the machine, added the cleaning solution and hot tap water, plugged it in, waited for the heater light to illuminate to show me the water was hot enough to work, and then sprayed the area to pre-treat. After five minutes of letting things get acquainted, it was time to suck it all up! I turned on the machine once again and started scrubbing with the brush. It was sucking the entire time I worked, and I imagined all those dirty little soap molecules being eliminated forever. After scrubbing, I sprayed and sucked while adding a little bit of pressure. Soon, I was just sucking with even more pressure on the brush head. These "dry" sweeps helped the solution and dirty water to be sucked up into the dirty tank.

Did I mention this thing has two tanks? One holds the cleaning solution/water mixture. The other is the holding tank where all the misbehaving dirt from the carpet hangs out. The tanks never mix, so there is no risk of bad stuff going back into the carpet.

I kept sucking with the brush until I felt I had sucked enough. Then I turned off the machine and took it to the kitchen for a bath. I washed out the brush head and the dirty tank and left them to dry. Since I still have lots of cleaning solution and water in the clean tank, I can leave it in for the next use.

After waiting a painstakingly long four minutes, I decided to vacuum the room to help the drying process. And the "after" pictures are taken shortly after vacuuming! It still has a little more drying to do, but I don't see a spot anywhere! IT WORKED!

I feel like the machine and all components are very well made. The hoses actually click into place when in use (and even when being stored on the unit), so there's never a worry of things coming loose during a rigorous scrubbing session. It's light-weight and very transportable. And it's green. I just like the whole kit and caboodle!

Not that I'm going to start being sloppy when carrying buckets of soapy water, but I now don't have to wait seven months to remedy any future stains that might pop into my life. This thing also works on upholstery, too, so I can fix my new sofas if anything happens to them!

I'm really excited about this whole situation. Should I be so easily amused about things that clean?

** Disclaimer** Bissell doesn't know who I am, but I've been admiring their products for a while. I have one of their vacuums, after all! I just wanted to share my positive experience with my new Bissell product. They don't give one hoot about me...and I prefer it that way.


  1. Wow! Isn't technology amazing? How much did you pay for it? I've looked at the ProHeat before--glad it worked for you!

  2. My mom has a "Little Green" of her own and loves it!

  3. WOW! Great magic of technology! Love the knew look.


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