Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We All Saw This Coming

It's no surprise to anyone, I'm sure, that I am grouting the guest shower today. Once I finished the Master Bath shower a few months ago, it was only a matter of time before sheer embarrassment made me fix the bathroom used by guests. I love how our shower turned out. It makes me smile every three months when I get in there to take a shower myself. I am so proud of it as a clean, fresh, and brand-new shower. Don't my guests deserve to use something just as nice?

My mom will be here in a little over a week, so a time crunch is in place. In fact, when I announced to John last night that I was going to grout the guest bathroom this morning, he looked a little worried. After all, it had taken me two weeks to do our shower...a project that was extended from my original estimation of three days. But there was a war against mold going on in that fun job. It took forever to kill that awful stuff without flooding the basin with bleach water. This shower has no mold...and is scrubbed and ready for the face lift to be underway in the next hour.

They did a horrible job when building this shower. There are holes and cracks where things should have been caulked. In fact, this entire bathroom seems to have escaped any work by the caulking man. Within a week, it will be ready for guests yet again. Shiny, bright, and new! Something I will be proud to send guests towards for a shower.

With any luck, I will be done grouting today, will seal the grout tomorrow, and will be able to caulk it all by Friday. While things cure, I hope to spend my time outside moving a whole lot of river rock from one place to another in anticipation of garden boxes being built next week. It's all so overwhelming and fun at the same time!

Next time you see this shower, it will be a whole new baby.

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