Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Day with a Boy

My favorite little man spent a few hours at my house yesterday.

We went outside to enjoy the 99-degree weather but only lasted a few minutes. We then came inside and watched some birds from my couch. Birds are interesting, as long as they aren't pooping on everything in sight. Like pools and patio furniture and anywhere a person would want to step. For the first time in my life, I want to buy a gun.

I decided to comb Evan's hair to see how cute it would be, and he certainly didn't disappoint! He took a great nap and then watched Uncle Hubby play Zelda on the Wii for a whole three seconds before being whisked away for some yogurt and bananas. His mama was only gone a few hours, so we didn't get much time to do anything. He did show off his throwing skills with the Cheerios container and even displayed his speedy crawling techniques. He absent-mindedly took two steps towards me when we were playing in the living room, so I think he's getting really close to walking! His knees will thank him when he does. Tile floors can be a beast on knees.

It's always fun having Evan around. He is such a sweet kid and is demonstrating more and more personality each day. Evan has started to crinkle up his nose about 80% of the time...I wonder where he got that skill! I also took a few pictures of him with his eyes closed, so we certainly know who he belongs to!

I always love when Evan comes over. It a great way to discover how much my house isn't baby-proof!

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