Monday, August 1, 2011

A New Addition to the Family

No, I'm not pregnant. But we did add a silver gazelle to our family after visiting my favorite local store.

I hadn't been to TJ Maxx in over three weeks. That is probably a personal record for me.

So when I went in on Saturday to look around, it felt like a completely new store! So much to see! And so many cool, new accessories. I accidentally found my gazelle head and knew exactly where he should go in our house.

So, while my Healthy Choice lunch was cooking in the microwave (I'm all about homemade, afterall), I hung Mr. Gazelle right where I wanted him. I still crack up every time I see him! He is so fun. Animal heads are the latest craze, and I've been keeping my eye out for one in white. Everyone seems to have a rhino head in white. But you know what? I am so in love with the silver gazelle that I've completely forgotten what a white animal would have looked like on the wall next to our entry door!

He's perfect. And funny. And friendly. But he petrifies my nephew, Evan. Which makes Mr. Gazelle even more of a conversation piece as you enter our home!


  1. Poor Evan, but it's kind of funny that he gets freaked out! I love the gazelle--what have you named him? My vote is for Harvey.

  2. Love it! Poor Evan, it shows he may not be a hunter in his growing up years :) For the name, I'd name him Watcher, Frightful, Harvey Moon, or Mooney :) Though the names sound funny (I and I copied another idea, sorry Charloe), I think it would fit!


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