Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Rest of the Day

The rest of my birthday was just as much fun. I met my sister, T'liese, and her 18-month old tyke, Evan, for lunch at the Wildflower Bread Company. I had half a chicken salad sandwich on a croissant (why not's my birthday!), and half of their house salad. T'liese got half a ham and Swiss sandwich and a bowl of their potato soup. Evan ate strawberries and a bagel. Everything tasted so delicious! Then we were off to wander the mall. We stopped in at Ann Taylor LOFT and then visited Pottery Barn. Since Evan was tired of being in a stroller, we let him play in the kids area. It's always entertaining to watch how little kids interact! Then we popped into Barnes and Noble so I could play with the new Nook e-reader in person. I really want one...and it can do library books for free!

After I got home from a lovely afternoon with my thithter, I got to spend the rest of my birthday with Hubby. What a treat indeed! He got dressed up in khakis and a dress shirt and pronounced that it was time for dinner around 6:30 PM. He drove me to a place that I had never been...a restaurant on an airport! Anzio Landing at Falcon Field was his selection, and I couldn't have been more pleased. Despite it being the closest airport to my house, I've never been to this popular general aviation spot. We got a window seat in the dining room so we could see all the action. Not a single airplane took off or landed in the time that we were there for dinner! Hubby felt bad about that, but he was so thoughtful to take me to a nice place for my birthday dinner! I went all-out (again...) and had tortellini carbonera. Hubby enjoyed some beef ravioli. We lost count of how many bread sticks were brought to the table...and consequently ravished! I sure love my Hubby and appreciate him going to so much effort to find a place that I would enjoy.

When we got home that night, Hubby said he had to bake a cake. He sent me down the hallway and retrieved me just a few minutes later. Knowing I didn't want cake in the house the next day, he bought one piece of Red Velvet for us to split with some ice cream. Perfect! We watched Wipeout and laughed until we cried. 

In the middle of the night, I was awakened by a killer sore throat. I must have partied too hard! I stayed in bed all day yesterday and am still there today. Since I know I am on the road for work the next two weeks, I'm trying hard to shake this bug. There is nothing worse than being sick on the road. I always have a hard time taking it this easy, especially when I feel like I have so much to do. Isn't it amazing how being sick and so incredibly exhausted can instantly change priorities? 

Hope I don't die!

But the partying was certainly worth it, if that was the cause!

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