Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Finally Fall

Holy smokes, I'm excited. I wait ten looooooong months every year for this day. It is the beginning of the holiday season!

Now, don't run off just yet. You know that you love that special feel in the air that signifies the best two months of the year. I can't be the only one who is fine with Christmas store displays happening in mid-October!

But today it's here. Without being the annoying, creepy lady who leaves her tree up all year round (you know I would do it if it was legal), I am happy that the Fall and Christmas seasons are finally upon us.

I don't really get into Halloween. It certainly isn't a holiday that I get fired up to decorate the house. Maybe someday...when we have kids to worry about enjoying such an event. For us, it simply means remembering to buy candy in time to pass it along to Trick-or-Treaters in our neighborhood who stop by. It's fun to see the costumes, but it certainly isn't a date that I eagerly anticipate.

To celebrate the first day of November, I put up some Fall decorations today. I brought in the plastic tub from our storage room and eagerly opened it...only to be reminded that I don't have very many Fall things! I will watch for some neat sales this year and bulk up on more festive things for our house.

Meanwhile, I'm loving our new table display. It will be warm and inviting when we have some friends over this Saturday for dinner, games, and (shhhh) caramel apples! I can't wait!

I love this time of year. I'm simply ignoring that it got up to 90 degrees yesterday. You know I will be complaining that it's too cold before long! So I might as well enjoy this perfection while it's here!

Happy Fall!


  1. I love fall too!!! I love the colors. The oranges, the browns, the off greens and brilliant reds. They make me SOOOO happy. I love the crisp air and the time change. Yes, Micah, these are the BEST two months of the year. xoxo

  2. Micah, your house is beautiful! So inviting and colorful. I like fall because of the cool nights and warm days, the beautiful colors, getting to turn on the gas fireplace and tuck the down throw around my legs while I read or knit. Great post, sis! xoxo


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