Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Florida - Bound

My goodness. I've been so busy with work this week that I haven't had a chance to tell you about last week! I'll spread it out over a few posts so it isn't a mile long.

Last Monday we left Phoenix around 2:00 PM with four people in back. They wanted to go allllllll the way to Florida, but we can't do that without making a stop for fuel. We picked College Station, Texas since we landed there and were quickly fueled just a few weeks ago. Thanks to some nice winter tailwinds from the lowering jet stream, we made it to Venice on the west coast of Florida in just over five hours.

Normally, landing in Florida with Big Boss on board means getting there at 3:00 AM. But, since they had some meetings to get to in Atlanta the following morning, they worked Venice when we landed around 9:00 PM. Though they needed to be in Atlanta no later than 10:30 AM, they wanted to visit a few potential sites along the way. So we got up nice and early to get the airplane ready for a day full of flying!

Luckily, the time change helps a little bit. It is only a two-hour time difference now, and that makes getting our of bed a LOT easier!

We flew to Titusville, where they could drive to two different facilities to take a peek. Just across the water is where NASA launched the Space Shuttle until just this past July! It was neat to see it, though from several miles away. Isn't space cool?

After Titusville, we were on our way to their conference in Atlanta. We arrived in plenty of time to get them to their meeting just a few miles away. While they were gone, we went to a local Italian restaurant to enjoy some lunch. We accidentally ate Italian four times this week! Oh well...there are worse things in life than eating cheese and marinara!

Late afternoon, the passengers arrived to head southeast to Charleston, South Carolina. Last time I was here, it was smoky from fires. Every breath hurt! This visit was much nicer, though we were only here for a few hours.

Next to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We could see the boardwalk and lit Ferris wheel from the sky, and it was beautiful! This could be a fun town to visit with a Hubby! We were on the ground just long enough to grab a quick dinner from a hip Mexican restaurant. So good!

Since it was approach 10:00 PM at night, we were very relieved when Big Boss reduced the rest of the night from two airports to just one. We ended our long day in Raleigh...where I have never spent the night! I am just glad he changed his mind and didn't make us fly to Detroit after they finished with Raleigh. I don't like working until 3:00 AM! I need sleep!

It was a nice, busy, fun Monday and Tuesday.

Phoenix - College Station - Venice, Florida - Titusville, Florida - Atlanta/Cobb County, Georgia - Charleston - Myrtle Beach - Raleigh                        

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  1. That picture of the cannoli's made me want a cannoli... I've had my first cannoli out here and they are amazing!


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