Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Like It's 1999!

So I had to let our new budget settle for a few months before we were allowed to have fun again. And thus, for months, I've been itching to throw a party! When my new budget month kicked over, I celebrated the best way I know how. It was time to invite some wonderful people over for dinner and games. 

I looked forward to it all week and had such a nice time during the pratty. We live near some really neat people.

The Menu

Pioneer Woman's Lasagna
Garlic Salad (by the Jensens)
Hot Bread and Dipping Oil
Root Beer and Water (by the Pitneys)
Caramel Apples

I would consider the evening a great success. And my patient husband let me spend an hour setting the table without so much as raising an eyebrow. Have I ever mentioned how patient Hubby is? And he made better caramel apples than me! I kept thinking we had to rush the toppings on before the caramel hardened too much. But he took his time placing the toppings on a few of the apples, and they looked amazing!

Do I really need to mention how they tasted? 

I asked the favorite candy bar of all who came and made each person his own apple. We soon discovered that most of the flavors were loved by all, so we cut them up and shared each apple. It's hard to pick a favorite. But mine had caramel and chocolate.

If I could throw a party every weekend, I think I would. I absolutely love entertaining, and I love anticipating and planning as much as the actual event!

We were having so much visiting that only a few rounds of Catchphrase were played. Sometimes it's just nice to catch up and hear how other lives are going. I love spending time with each of these families, so I just sat backed and soaked it all in.

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  1. Are you sure you want to fly planes??? Well, maybe for now but I see catering in your future!!! My mouth is watering.


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